Is Apple a victim of sour grapes?

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“In the clearest sign that Apple has emerged as an industry superpower, government regulators are beginning to scrutinize its every move,” Miguel Helft reports for The New York Times. “‘This is unfamiliar territory for Apple,’ said Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies, who has followed Apple for nearly three decades.”

“The changes are a testament to the remarkable turnaround orchestrated by Steven P. Jobs, who returned to Apple more than a decade ago when the company was on the verge of extinction,” Helft reports. “But those changes have also thrust the company into an unexpected and potentially perilous role as competitors start to cooperate with each other against Apple.”

“For all the complaining, Apple’s self-interested and quirky pursuit of innovation is not new,” Helft reports. “Time and again, it has been willing to break with technology industry standards by doing things its way, even if it ruffled feathers. ‘Apple has always marched to its own drumbeat,’ Mr. Bajarin said.”

“The company often irked suppliers and confounded pundits, for instance, when it chose to use 3.5-inch floppy disks instead of the more common 5.25-inch disks, or later, when it did away with floppy disks altogether,” Helft reports. “But now that Apple has grown from a niche player into one that leads the fastest-growing segment of the industry — mobile computing — its actions are far more consequential and the complaints have turned to grievances.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Let Apple’s road kill moan as they contemplate their own decay.


  1. Apple is too big. They make too much money. The government needs to take over the Apple board so they can axe the prices of Apples products so everyone can afford to own one. Sitting on 10’s of billions of dollars is just crazy, that money could be used better in other areas. Take over Apple and cut their wages too, I mean, come on, how much money do you really need???

    That is how the new U.S. works now isn’t it?

  2. Back in da Old Neibahood, once a business started makin’ money, Da Local Boss would start demandin’ tribute for “Protection.”

    Congress is pretty much the same.

  3. How do you become a consultant in anything that you never tried, used, experienced or even seen?

    And I ask that question of computer pundits/reviewers and so-called anti-terrorist experts.

  4. And meanwhile in the Gulf of Mexico oil continues to spew out of a hole a mile down on the ocean floor. I am beginning to truly understand how people get involved in the Tea Bagger movement. Get your frigging priorities right Washington!

  5. Seems like everyone been sipping on the apple-flavored Hater-aid lately. But that is the only thing the “competition” is capable of doing now that Apple is wiping the floor with them. And this in the span of 3 years. These guys had plenty of time to clean up their act. All we need now is Apple to start making flying cars and the future we all dreamed of will be officially here. Thanks Apple.

  6. Let’s not forget that while the government is investigating Apple for making people’s lives better, it’s failed to do everything possible to lessen the Gulf oil spill, has run up a monster deficit with nothing to show for it, Homeland Security is helping Saudi Arabia secure its border with Yemen while drug cartels continue to treat Arizona’s Mexican border like a game of Red Rover, and the supposed help being offered to people with mortgages is just going to enrich the banks which caused the problem in the first place.

    Oh yeah, better check out Apple! Wouldn’t want anything fishy going on there!

  7. Too bad the regulators did not scrutinize every move of the real estate and banking industry before the housing bubble.

    We must crush this Apple phenomenon before people spent mortgage their homes to keep buying anything iWant!

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