Apple Stores running out of unreserved iPhone 4 units

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!Several MacDailyNews readers from around the U.S., in Arizona, New Jersey, California, North Carolina, Florida, and elsewhere are reporting that Apple Store staff are telling people on the walk-in line (non-preorders) to go home and order the iPhone 4 online and they are now out of unreserved iPhone 4 units.

In most every case, it appears that the first fifty or one hundred or so (depending on store size) walk-ins were allowed into the store to buy their iPhone 4 as a reward for camping out, but most stores don’t have nearly enough units to fulfill unreserved iPhone 4 demand.

The remaining iPhone 4 units in each store are ostensible there to fulfill customers who successfully pre-ordered online for in-store pickup.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. Went to Coconut Point in Estero, FL @ 6:30am – mall mgmt informed me yesterday that no one under any circumstances would be allowed on property to wait @ the Apple Store until 6:30am today. I arrived & found the ‘no reservation’ line approx 100 people deep. I waited 2 hours only to be told there were no more available. Staff was more than vague when questioned about future deliveries. Beverages & snacks were served which was nice, but it would have been nicer to aquire a more definitive answer on iPhone availability. I was never able to get through via the Internet in order to reserve a phone, so today wad a real diapointment……

  2. @iMaki

    You’ve got it al wrong. Apple does this intentionally to fuck YOU up. Just you. It IS all about you isn’t it.

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  3. I probably won’t get the iPhone so dearly wanted on this day, my birthday. I’ll be ok…i’ve already downloaded Air 1.0, Water 1.0 and Healthy Family 2.0. Right I’m downloading Vicarious Glee 12.6 and Get Some Perspective 0.1.


    everyone including myself is having this problem.

    MDN is removing every post put up about this problem. Shame on you MDN. I’ve been a regular reader for 2 years and a huge Apple fan, but the way that you are burying this story is absolutely biased.

  5. @btaylor: Happy birthday.

    As long as I can get my new phone before I go away on business end of July (going to Las Vegas; what happens in Vegas winds up on YouTube), and as long as my 3G doesn’t die, I’m good. May hit the ATT store Tuesday and see if they did get any more units in.

  6. @MEEEEE
    FIRST IF ALL…sorry…first of all, “MEEEEE” is spelled with six “E”s and ninth of all, that’s “Smart Arsehole”.

    @justme2: thx so much. good to know for every “MEEEEE(E)” in the world, there’s a “justme2”.

  7. @PhxDoc

    I think iPhone 4 was made for and tested by right hand people.
    Maybe left handed people touch antenna with their palm and they are screwing up the reception.

    I was actually thinking about this when I read that the case is an antenna, antennas do not like to be touched.

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