Gifted visionary Steve Jobs propels Apple to tipping point

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Steve Jobs sees things that nobody else does. Any one of us would have assumed the great George Lucas to be the man to determine the future of film but he sold his computer animation studio to Steve Jobs for $10 million back in 1986. Twenty years later Steve Jobs sold Pixar to Disney for $7.4 billion,” Jason Schwarz writes for Seeking Alpha. “Not a bad investment!”

“The idea that Jobs could one up the great George Lucas on such a scale is unimaginable. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. In an era where film studios prefer to produce quantity rather than quality, Pixar has taken the opposite approach. Toy Story 3 is Pixar’s 11th feature film and its 11th number one hit at the box office. The reason why other studios can’t emulate such success is simple; they don’t know which movies will stick,” Schwarz writes. “It’s the same as a phone company that doesn’t know which phone will stick so they come out with multiple models. Why? Because they lack vision. They’re blind to what happens next.”

“There is no greater gift. Athleticism? No way. Intelligence? Sorry. The greatest God-given gift is the ability to see life as it really is and to know of things yet to come. Steve Jobs is a committee of one. Compare his results to the hundreds and thousands of focus groups at Palm or Microsoft,” Schwarz writes. “The difference between seeing and not seeing is exponential.”

Schwarz writes, “Now let me tell you what I see. I see decade 2010 turning into a Steve Jobs revolution of market share euphoria. Apple has hit a tipping point… Without a holiday shopping season, Apple would beat estimates and sell 10 million iPads this year. With a holiday shopping season, they’ll sell 20 million in 2010 alone. The growth is relentless thanks to the gift of Steve Jobs.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Now there’s an iPad unit sales estimate!


  1. Again, if Apple can only get “20 million” iPads made this year than that is all they will be able to sell. Does someone see Apple inventory stacking up on a shelf somewhere? No!

  2. Hi NCIceman, wasn’t Next the name of Steve Jobs company that he built that was picked up by Apple and is the core OS to OS X and iOS? Yes. He even got the name wright.

  3. You can argue all kinds of things about how good, or bad, Apple products are. You just can’t argue with the success they’re having in the market place.

  4. nomoremsbs, now that all that manufacturing resources are freed up from building last years netbooks (that no one wants now), Apple can take their billions and ramp up the worlds production capabilities to manufacture the products that people really want. Apple products.

  5. Steve has the ability to stay true to himself despite all the screaming, criticism and commotion directed at him. Strength of soul is another vital component that nobody examines. Steve is a rare giant among men because he KNOWS what is right. Not infallible but basic instincts are in tune and he holds the course. Thank God the Lord has graced earth with Steve Jobs. Very happily typed on my iMac.

  6. Great cartoon and even greater marketing genius for his gadgets. But, “gifted visionaries’ don’t blunder into the kind of a mindless deal that has given ATT a fortune they could have never earned. And, why?

    That’s not visionary – that’s blind stupidity.

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