The Motley Fool’s Beyers: Apple’s iPad opportunity is officially massive

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Apple’s iPad sales performance is real, and really profitable. Next month, the Mac maker will begin selling the device in nine new countries,” Tim Beyers writes for The Motley Fool. “‘People are loving iPad as it becomes a part of their daily lives. We’re working hard to get this magical product into the hands of even more people around the world,’ Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in a statement.”

“I’ll bet. In the six months since I first opened my now crow-filled mouth about the iPad’s market opportunity, Apple says developers have created some 11,000 new apps for the device,” Beyers writes. “And just this week, Barnes & Noble and fired the opening shots in the first of what could be many e-reader price wars, all while the iPad remains above the fray.

Beyers writes, “Apple won’t allow itself to be dragged into the mud with its two book-selling rivals, because it doesn’t have to… Today’s sales momentum could continue through tomorrow, the next day, and months from now. Right up until Dell and Hewlett-Packard introduce meaningful and appropriately priced alternatives — and they’d better hurry up. As developers and consumers flock to the iPad, the device’s momentum only builds.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Beyers’ naiveté regarding Dell and HP introducing “meaningful alternatives” is cute. It’s almost as if Tim didn’t notice a little thing called “iPod.” Where are Dell’s and HP’s “meaningful alternatives” to iPod? Hello? Tim?

Note to Tim Beyers: First you didn’t get the iPad at all. Now you prove that you still don’t grasp it fully because you obviously do not understand and think far too highly of Apple’s so-called competition: HP and Dell simply do not have the chops to compete with Apple. Not even close.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “iWill” for the heads up.]


  1. On a side note and for the record has anyone else noticed the lack of posts on other blogs when it comes to All Things AAPL?

    There is a repeat of sorts going on here like the up and coming iPod Killer Zune.

    This time, however, is MUCH MUCH different. MUCH BIGGER!

    The silence is deafening and that my friends is PRICELESS!!!!!! It also shows that the competition is soiling their collective draws!!!! AND I F’n LOVE IT!

    No chance to gain any significant market share…. ? Hmmmm REEAAALLLY!?

  2. MDN is right. Beyers admits to eating crow, but he still doesn’t get it. He thinks that Apple simply got to market first (and at the right time). He doesn’t get that there is no “catching up”. Even Google’s Android is not “Catching Up” to iPhone. It is doing things “differently”, and some like those differences. HP and Dell will be stuck servicing the sizable pool of people that will never by anything Apple because of the “curated” nature of iWorld (iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes & App Store).

  3. ???…appropriately priced alternative???

    Does that mean Beyers thinks the iPad is over-priced? When the Zune came out, wasn’t it the same price as the iPod?

    Nope…he just doesn’t get it.

  4. @Spark…

    No, HP and Dell will be spent servicing Microsoft. They’re currently on their knees begging for a more tablet friendly version of Windows 7. HP will be a while assessing just what it is they’ve purchased in Palm, and Dell is just hopeless. Neither of these so-called competitors controls the entire stack enough to make creditable iPad challenger. Certainly not in the near term.

  5. I am as much of a fanboy as you can get, but competition is good for us. iPhone when in came out had no app store, and was very limited in what it could do. Competition drove the development of what we have today. I can only hope that the second or third generation android based tablets will force apple to step up and make the next gen iPad even better. But it is the only game In town, the windows alternative are not in the same league.

  6. The braying fools are receding somewhat—they have to; people are starting to stare at them like, hey, don’t you get it?—but they’re still stakeholders in the past.

  7. The writer mentioned “meaningful and appropriately priced”. The other companies can get one or the other, but not often both. Even though some writers try to pretend they do, by comparing the Apple product to a non-existant, Franken-polyglot device.

  8. I’ve had a 64GB iPad for about a week and a half now. It was gifted to me as a surprise bonus from one of my clients. There are some limitations to the iPad of course, plenty of areas here it feels rough around the edges.

    I have more apps on my iPad than my iPhone and I’m aching for folders and some other iOS 4 improvements.

    Overall I’m glad I didn’t pay $800 for this thing, it’s not quite worth that much. Having gotten it for free though I can see it replacing my laptop for many daily tasks, and traveling especially is a dream with 15 hours of battery life.

    I think Apple has a huge hit on its hands and when iOS 4 and the iPad 2.0 come out I’m betting it will be much closer to The Perfect Device.

  9. CES 2010 was all about the Tablet hum?!?! Slate, as they started calling them due to the Apple iSlate rumors.
    What ever happen to all of the Products at CES that were supposed to keep Apple from getting any type of lead at all. Apple was expected to be at the back of the pack. What happen? well simple really the iPad was a product that created a new category and all the new products announced at CES were just warmed over tablets or worse vaporware that was never truly mass produceable or cost effective to sell for the prices that vendors were claiming. The HP Slate that Ballmer held up on stage at CES was to run Windows 7 and HP killed it because it would have just been a waste of HP’s money to make it. So, HP got smart and bought Palm for the Palm OS so that they’d have a minor chance at braking free of the Microsoft Death vortex that as made Tablets a joke. Android is no better then Windows on a tablet or even a phone for that matter. Android is free for manufactures to use and sell device with it installed on them. So, that alone make it better for the device makers. They don’t care if they are spreading Google malware or not cause the OS is free.

  10. “Today’s sales momentum could continue through tomorrow, the next day, and months from now. Right up until Dell and Hewlett-Packard introduce meaningful and appropriately priced alternatives”

    Beyers left himself an out, as in if they don’t introduce a meaningful and appropriately priced alternative they are up shit creek without a paddle.

  11. Those 11,000 and growing new apps for iPad after only 80 days of sales is one key reason why iPad will dominate.

    Back in the old days, one key reason for continued Windows dominance was the availability of programs for Windows. Then, the Internet, web browsers, and web sites (web-based apps) greatly diminished this advantage.

    Apple has been using this same advantage with iPhone, iPod touch, and now iPad. In iOS devices, “apps” are once again important, because a specially designed app works better when the screen is small and system resources (CPU speed, RAM, battery power, etc.) are limited. Once an iPad user has a nice collection of apps, they are less likely to abandon it and start over on another platform. Sound familiar…?

    The longer the competition fails to provide a meaningful alternative to BOTH the iPad and App Store, the larger Apple’s advantage becomes. In mobile phones, Apple entered a well-established and crowded market and is steadily gaining share. In tablets, Apple is going to quickly have iPod-like dominance.

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