AT&T delays iPhone in-store retail (no pre-order) sales to June 29

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!AT&T today issued the following press release, verbatim:

AT&T is on-track to deliver iPhone 4 to customers who preordered the device on June 15. We look forward to offering iPhone 4 to all other customers beginning Tuesday, June 29, when it goes on sale in all AT&T sales channels.

Here are a few guidelines for customers buying iPhone 4 from AT&T:

• Preordered for home or business delivery: iPhone 4 will begin arriving this week for customers who preordered. We’ll send an email when each order has shipped.

• Preordered for store delivery: AT&T retail representatives will begin calling customers this week to let them know their iPhone 4 is available for pick up in store.

• Retail purchase (no preorder): AT&T plans to have iPhone 4 inventory – available on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last – on June 29 in its retail locations, at, and in business sales channels. As inventory sells out, AT&T will offer the convenient option of purchasing iPhone 4 and having it delivered to a home or business or an AT&T store. As always, customers will receive an email once their order is placed, and again when it ships.

To help customers stay up to date on iPhone 4 activities and important information, AT&T will post a series of videos beginning early this week at The videos will be informative and packed with customer-friendly tips and instructions around order fulfillment, iPhone 4 activation, inventory and – importantly – the new MicroSIM unique to iPhone 4 devices.

Source: AT&T Inc.


  1. such horse shit on this. There is no way that my at&t;store down the street is gonna be swamped. It has never been swamped for the iPhone. Steady traffic yes.

    Now they are telling because of their f#ck up on orders on the 15th. i have to wait till tuesday. H O R S E S H ! T!!!!

  2. An AT&T;rep told me today that there was a hiccup in their online ordering process on the 15th. They had to rebook some orders and you’ll see your order date change. He insisted it will still deliver on Thursday. hmmmmmmmm

  3. You will be able to buy an iPhone at an Apple Store, a horrible Radio Shack, an equally horrible Walmart, and from those slimmy jerks who loath Apple at Best Buy… but not with the carrier itself? Wow! I’m speechless.

  4. This is NOT true. I called 2 AT&T;stores and they WILL have it on June 24th for non-preorders to walk in and purchase on a first come first serve basis. You also failed to mention that NOT all AT&T;stores are allowing reservations and are strictly going the route of walk-ins on launch day.

  5. Same people would be pissed if there were no iPhone 4 available if they showed up in line on the 24th. Do you people even understand how many phones were sold in the pre order and that Apple can’t make enough.

  6. Hey Sparky – why don’t you shut your hole. Who let you in this illustrious forum anyways? The reason, if I had to guess, why these people are pissed is the absolute debacle that happened last week with trying to pre-order. I for one could not pre-order on either site throughout the morning. So yes, they have a right to be pissed. Maybe they wouldn’t need to stand in line at ATT if ATT and (ahem) Apple would have had their crap together.

    Here’s a bit of info for the rest of you none trolls:

    1. Don’t even bother calling Wal-Mart. “What is that? The ‘what’ phone?”

    2. Radio Shack (I know, some of you just shivered) is taking down names and will start calling these people tomorrow (23June10) when they get their inventory counts. I called three in my town. The first had 9 people on the list, the second had 3 and the third had 4. I put my name down on all three just in case.

    CALL RADIO SHACK NOW to get yours on Thursday.

  7. Hey Tommy, it’s “Spark” not “Sparky”.

    For those that have failed 4th grade reading comprehension, let’s look at the statement from ATT one more time.

    QUOTE: “AT&T;is on-track to deliver iPhone 4 to customers who preordered the device on June 15.”

    REVELATION: If you ordered your iPhone on 6/15 from ATT, they are saying that they will be ready to deliver you phone ON SCHEDULE. Hmmm…. sounds like they are saying that they will be keeping their promise and delivering as advertised.

    ATT has chosen to wait 5 days to sell the iPhone to walk in retail customers.

    QUOTE: “AT&T;plans to have iPhone 4 inventory – available on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last – on June 29 in its retail locations…”

    Last time I checked, it’s their prerogative to decide when to begin selling the product in their stores. There are other places to buy an iPhone on 6/24.

    I’m no apologist for ATT, but I still stand by my opinion that angry reactions above are childish and unfounded based on report from MDN on ATT’s press release.

    And Tommy… have fun at Radio Shack.

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