CNET reviews Apple’s iOS 4: As significant as iPhone 4

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!“Apple kicked off an action-packed week today with the full release of iOS 4, its newest operating system for iPhone and iPod Touch devices,” Kent German reports for CNET Reviews.

“Though we’ve been playing with the developer’s version on an iPhone 3GS since April, we wanted to wait for the real deal before offering our official take,” German reports. “And from what we can tell so far, our original positive impressions hold true. That’s not say that everything is perfect, but iOS marks a significant and welcome jump in the iPhone’s evolution.”

“In fact, we’ll go so far as to say that iOS 4 is just as significant a development as Thursday’s release of the iPhone 4,” German reports. “We also welcome the smaller changes–iOS 4 is set to offer up to 100 new features–even if they’re not particularly glamorous. We’ll continue to root around for those tiny things in the coming days and will list additional revisions here as we find them.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. still can’t change the Message tone. How is it they can add freaking video chat but they can’t write the code to change the freaking Message tone. I hate being in a conference room with 50 other iPhones and all the same message and email tones.

    other than that. iOS 4 is pretty snappy.

  2. @ blah blah blah…

    If you’re in a conference room with 50 other iPhone users, shouldn’t your phone be silenced? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. I’m sorry to report that I cannot load iOS4 unto my iphone GS. It remains in back up mode for hours. I left it running all night but still shows 2 % completion. I had done it twice but no dice. I am picking up my new iPhone 4 this Thursday, but since I’ve always hated the backup mode when synching up the iphone to my MAC, I am thinking twice about getting the iPhone 4. If synching gets any worse I am inclined to say no. Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone and all MAC products, but the synching mechanism is so bad that it reminds me of Microsoft, and leaves me with a super bad taste. Does anyone else have similar back up problems?

  4. Love the new features of iOS 4!!! Can’t wait to install it today when I get back home to my computer!

    These are the minor features I still want:
    – what blah bah blah said above
    – multiple email signatures (a unique signature per email account)
    – date/time stamp on EVERY text message, not just some text messages
    – does anybody know if we can finally listen to a voicemail message in the background while switching to another app? In the past, if you were listening to a voicemail but switched to another app to take notes on what the voicemail was playing, the voicemail would stop. You actually had to grab a real pen and a real paper. Annoying!

  5. my iPhone was suck backing up for about 2 hrs. once it was done i noticed 2 problems one the speakers dont play music anymore when i disconnect the headphones and just put the music to play u see the time going by but the slider to adjust volume is gone. number 2 the album art for all the songs on my iphone are gone. when i view all songs and touch one to play it plays but as its playing i turn it to landscape and only the song currently playing is shown the rest are gone has anyone else noticed this???

  6. @blah blah blah

    I did. Settings, sounds, New text message. You only get 7 choices. I wish I could put my own in, like Android. Not that I would one, but I do like my friend’s message alert.

  7. It’s mind blowing iOS4! I may be among few who downloaded 1st in the morning in Singapore.. It’s truly remarkable what Jobs has done… Time has come for mobile device user to accept the true path of mobility in telecommunication…. Say thank you to Jobs who worked hard for millions who paid for his work to deliver the best! You still don’t believe, just get an iPhone with iOS4 and prove me wrong!

  8. Regarding multitasking they write:
    “What’s more, it wouldn’t be the first time Apple limited features or took longer with development in order to produce a desired customer experience. You may not agree with such a philosophy, but Apple has always been honest about pursuing it. “

    Good point. It is about time people realize this.

  9. @JH: I have talked with several folks about prolonged backups. I had a long one, too. What I can say is that, once it is done, backup and syncing are MUCH faster under iOS4. Worth the effort to cross the Rubicon.

  10. Don’t get me wrong. I love what they’ve done with iOS 4. I love Apple very much, my whole house and business uses Apple. But Apple does tend to ignore the small features on some of their products. They get the physical and UI detail right, better than anyone else. But you do have to admit, amongst all of that there are small features, but that are quite useful. I think Apple is years ahead of the competition, but sometimes things get left behind moving so fast.

    It’s ok, I’m just making sure everyone starts saying something, because Apple does listen to their customers, I understand there were a few things ahead of SMS sounds(which i am willing to pay for). But if the request is heard little louder maybe we’ll see it in 4.1.

  11. @jmmx: Agreed. This was a discussion I got into on an Android fanboi blog on Computerworld. Someone had blogged a “been there, done that” response to multitasking on iOS4. I pointed out that, like copy/paste, Apple took their time to get it right.

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