Apple notifies iPhone 4 buyers of early June 23rd delivery; AT&T delivering early, too

Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!Multiple MacDailyNews readers have forwarded emails they have received from Apple that states:

Dear Apple Store Customer,

You recently received a Shipment Notification email from Apple advising you that your iPhone has shipped.

This email is to confirm that your delivery will occur on June 23rd. Although Apple and FedEx tracking information may currently indicate a later date, you can check the FedEx website the morning of the June 23rd to track your package to your doorstep.

In the event that you will not be available to accept delivery on June 23rd, it may be more convenient to use our pre-sign delivery option by visiting our Order Status website at


The Apple Store Team

In addition, for those who ordered their iPhone 4 units via AT&T’s website, the FedEx tracking information currently states:

Anticipated ship date: Jun 22, 2010
Estimated delivery: Jun 23, 2010

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats to everyone who’s getting their iPhone 4 units early!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. Cool, congrats to delivered orders! I can wait until the 24th to get my reserved one. I just like the feeling of Apple clapping for me during events because they know I’m emptying my wallet, so I celebrate that too, lol.

  2. I got my email this morning too! I was wondering if the FedEx delivery date showing the 23rd was going to be accurate or if FedEx would hold it until the 24th. I guess we online orderers are a bit lucky!

  3. Now if they would only let me show up at the Apple Store and pick up my “reserved” phone on the 23rd….

    At least this will spread out some of the server load that all these new activations are going to cause!

  4. booo i have to stand in line. luckily i live in a small enough town there won’t be any campers and i wake up early for work, which i will be taking a half day.

    but jk anyway, congrats for those early getters.

  5. Along with staggering out the load on the registration servers (I am looking at you ATT) I wonder if the new droid announcement that is scheduled for the 23rd had anything to do with the decision?

    It’s good for Apple, ATT, and of course us eagerly awaiting our new iPhone’s, to get the pre-orders a day early, but it also wipes out any chance Motorola had of getting one sentence of press for the next droid. Oh well…..” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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