Microsoft CEO Ballmer: ‘We can do very well in mobile’ (with video)

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer predicts a turnaround in Windows Mobile’s market share, driven by the upcoming Windows Phone 7.

In an interview with’s Poppy harlow, Ballmer says, “We can do very well in mobile… [with] Windows Phone 7 which ships this year.”

Direct link to video via here.

MacDailyNews Take: Zune.


  1. So the company that couldn’t keep RIM’s Blackberry from becoming the de facto business phone and had it’s head handed to it in the consumer space by Apple is going to suddenly reverse 6 years of erosion?

    Good luck with that, Bozo. Microsoft has no meaningful presence in mobile. But it will be awesome to see and hear the Gizmodo, Engadget et al fanboys flip out when they realise how useless Win 7 phones are going to be.

  2. Yes this would be the guy who predicted they would never start to do badly, ridiculed the iPhones lack of apps by comparison with Winmo and declared touch screens were nothing but a toy. I’ll invest my savings with him then.

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