Apple reportedly rolling iBooks out across iOS 4 devices

Vladislav Savov reports for Engadget, “We thought we’d drop you a friendly note to say that if you’ve upgraded to iOS 4 early, your copy of Winnie the Pooh is flying at you right this minute.”

“Tipsters point out that they get a notification encouraging them to download the heretofore iPad-exclusive iBooks app, though they’re finding they have to do it via their desktop iTunes client rather than over the air,” Savov reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: We have iOS 4 running on our iPhone 3GS units, but have not yet seen such a notification.


  1. Apple needs to open iBooks to at least Mac OSX as well. It would be better if Apple did something very un-Apple, and also made iBooks apps available for other smartphone platforms as well. That will help with the nail-in-coffin for Amazon and BN.

    Apple also need to use its leverage to get a standard (ePub) for all devices. Even better if there was a unified DRM mechanism – so ebooks are truly portable.

    One more for ya… eBook rentals. Let me checkout or rent an ebook for 2 weeks.

  2. iBooks is limited here in Canada due to the distribution agreements. No doubt the government has a hand as well as requiring apple to have 20% french content. Set up a US itunes account with a US gift card and life is grand.

  3. @ Mactacular

    First find and download yourself the iTunes 9.2 beta release, then find and download the correct firmware for your iPhone (3G or 3GS) to upgrade to iOS 4. Launch iTunes (after installing) then Option click the button, restore your iPhone. Navigate to the download firmware you have and boom.

    Just a guess.


    I noticed my Motorola S9-HD stereo Bluetooth headset’s volume can now be controlled by the iPhone volume or headset. (the iPhone volume can only cut the volume from the max set by the headset, it doesn’t actually turn the headset’s volume up, so it is more like a level control).

    Sadly, the iPhone still does not support play/pause/FF or repeat functions via Bluetooth, unless I missed something.

    Unified Mail is a blessing.
    Folders save a lot of screen space.
    Still haven’t had any apps updated to run in the background.
    I synced my keyboard (woohoo!), but didn’t use it(?).
    Internet Tethering is under Settings/General/Network

    You can have a different picture for your unlock screen from your app screen. Grandkids, of course…

  5. iOS is not releAsed yet so No MDN, you do not have iOS 4 running on your devices. Maybe some developer beta. But that’s odd because you are no developer. You don’t develop the MDN App. Perhaps Apple shoul lock onto this why you are running iOS 4 while not beeing a developer.

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