O2 kills unlimited data plans in UK; Orange, Vodafone may follow suit

“New leaks suggest Orange UK will follow O2 into abandoning unlimited data,” Electronista reports.

“The rival currently promises unlimited data with a 750MB ‘fair usage’ policy but would have more definite limits in the summer,” Electronista reports. “A source for Mobile didn’t say how closely Orange would follow O2’s plan, which limits most users to 500MB and has them pay for blocks of extra data. Rumors have also circulated that Vodafone is following suit.”

Electronista reports, “The changes would follow a trend of previously unlimited carriers around the world going to limited plans but reflects the squeeze on mobile data use from smartphones like the iPhone 4, which has prompted caps at AT&T and O2.”

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  1. Same fee – just working out the cost to upgrade to an iPhone 4 on their mini site when I spotted the downgrade in the small print so I am hanging on to my 3GS and making the most of unlimited data while it lasts.

  2. Trouble is the tiny percentage of freetards using O2’s network for file-sharing thus using more bandwidth than the rest of the customers added together. This isn’t limited to iPhone owners, average iPhone customer in UK uses 500MB so within the proposed 750MB cap; then, if you want to use more you simply have to pay for it.

    It’s annoying, but I can see O2 etc have little other choice.

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