FOX News hands-on with Apple’s new iPhone 4: Wow!

“Though details of the Apple iPhone 4 were already widely known, expectations were nonetheless sky-high for the smartphone’s official unveiling Tuesday at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC),” Clayton Morris reports for “Jobs did not disappoint, unveiling a new phone operating system called iOS4, video conferencing capability, and a next-gen device with hardware specs tech fans are sure to drool over.”

Morris reports, “I spent about 45 minutes playing with Apple’s new iPhone 4. In a word: Wow. And I don’t throw that word around lightly. Here are a few of my first hands-on impressions.”

“Let’s start with the screen, which Apple has branded a ‘Retina Display.’ I can safely say it’s the best mobile phone display I’ve ever seen,” Morris reports. “The form factor of this phone is super thin and really solid. It makes my current iPhone 3GS look like it had one too many burritos. You won’t appreciate the solid stainless-steel frame until it’s in your hand. Everything about the build of this phone feels solid — even the stainless steel buttons.”

“The speed of the operating system is apparent in every app I launched — particularly in the new iMovie app which let’s users shoot, edit, and render full movies on the iPhone,” Morris reports. “In a normal world, editing video on a mobile phone would sound like a ridiculous feat of strength, but Apple just made it happen. And they made it happen without any of the sluggishness I’d expect. I couldn’t help thinking the company just turned everyone with an iPhone into an amateur movie producer.”

“Steve Jobs was asked last week if his WWDC Keynote would have a stylish answer to Google’s recent round of nice Android phones. He answered, ‘You won’t be disappointed,'” Morris reports. “He was right.”

Direct link via YouTube here.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. iPhone fever!! Worldwide! Even relatives outside the USA are asking for it ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />
    More Profits 4 AAPL … Buy the AAPL stocks as it will keep going Up Up past $301 bucks then to $402 next year.

    … Brave New World = Apple products!!!!!

  2. To be fair (and balanced?), Fox News is very good with the articles they produce, especially by the local affiliates.

    The problem is when the upper management decides to exclude coverage of an opposing viewpoint, to make it seem like there is only one side to an issue.

  3. @Cascadians

    Don’t worry, you can still do it. I’ve got 3 on my family plan with 1 year left on my contract. ATT allows only 1 of my phones for the upgrade plan ($200), and the other 2 will cost $400 to upgrade. So, a thousand bucks for 3 upgrades. The current prices for the 3GS on eBay is around $250-$380, so if I sell all 3 for $250 each the total upgrade price I’ll have to pay is $250 ($1000-$750). A new ATT customer would be paying $600 for 3. A deal.

  4. Funny to see the narrow-minded types squirm at just the mention of Fox News. You people need to get a handle on the fact that the current US mindset will be our downfall.

  5. @Cascadians,

    Like many of us you’ll have to wait until you are eligible. I bought our 3GSs on the first day of release last June. The main phone is eligible now for 199 and the second will cost $50 more. You’re probably in the same boat as me. ATT are not showing the new iPhone yet but I guess the same deal will apply once the pre-order window opens.

    So it’s not all bad. Your old phones could be handed down or sold on ebay. Even damaged iPhones are selling for $100 on eBay.

  6. Excellent image quality, wow… game changer as usual!

    Calling all Googloids, forward this to your head chief Shmoogle criminal to start contacting his cohorts in lawless China, to make another shitty copy of this.

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