Pulse News Reader app returns to Apple’s iTunes App Store

Supreme Studio Makeover from MacMall.com “Having only been absent since late Monday, Pulse is already back on sale at the App Store,” MacNN reports. “The iPad app displays RSS feeds in a graphical grid, and had been a popular download prior to its disappearing. It was temporarily pulled following a complaint by the New York Times, alleging that the app infringed on the newspaper’s rights.”

“Why the app would return — unchanged — is unclear, but it is likely a result of Apple’s WWDC 2010 keynote,” MacNN reports. “Pulse was highlighted during the event by the company’s CEO, Steve Jobs, and the app’s sudden absence may have proven an embarrassment to both Jobs and the company’s marketing plans.”

Read more in the full article here.

More info about Pulse News Reader (US$3.99) via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.


  1. This piece is wonky. First, why would Jobs be embarrassed, since it was the NYT’s legal department that raised an issue that probably had to be checked out?

    Second, the implication is that the Pulse is back because of some putative “embarrassment” on the part of Jobs/Apple.

    The writer needs to go back to journalism 101, before he embarrasses himself further.

  2. They said it violated their rights because it aggregates news feeds including NYT or 3rd parties quoting them, but too bad, that’s the nature of news and NYT is whining for no good reason – that’s why it’s back – sadly if it was not a high profile app it would never be back – the complaint system in place for the app store totally favors the accuser – a joke

  3. Read the Critical Reviews to see how many buyers want their money back. It’s majorly buggy, crashes a lot and only allows for 20 feeds.

    Here’s what I found that I like just poking around for free iPad specific or Universal alternatives.

    1. xFeed
    2. FeeddlerRSS
    3. Thomson Reuters News Pro
    4. DVICE

  4. @ FutureMedia,
    Thanks. that was my take too after looking at the reviews.
    To me, apps that used to be necessary are no longer so on the iPad.
    Safari on the iPad is great. I still prefer apps on the iPhone and iPod touch. On my iPad, I’ve dumped some I use on those smaller devices like Ebay and Craigslist.

  5. What’s the big deal? The app was approved. NYT raised some issue as a complaint. Apple investigated and did not find any problem with the app. The app came back.

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