Apple’s stunning new iPhone 4 strikes out Android-based phones

With their new iPhone 4 and its iOS 4 software, “Apple’s marketing makes it very clear that iOS delivers multitasking that works, rather than an unrestricted environment where your battery doesn’t anymore,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for RoughlyDrafted. “Strike one at Android.”

“Steve Jobs also articulated on stage the value of creating an integrated product, highlighting both FaceTime and iMovie as integrated applications of the new cameras,” Dilger writes. “Google has no impetus to deliver sophisticated applications of hardware it isn’t selling; it leaves that up to the hardware makers, who are all terrible at software. That’s why, despite having a fancier camera than the 3GS, the Droid was panned for not being able to take decent pictures. Which is why most people want a camera in the first place, as opposed to having bragging rights on hardware specifications. Strike two on Android.”

Dilger writes, “The Nexus One bellyflopped into the same shallow nonsense that Microsoft dove into with the Zune HD: displays that only look really good in candlelit rooms and flashy screen animations that make for a wizzy demo but an unpleasant or at at least non-optimal experience for end users. Both Google and Microsoft are trying to impress the press, not their customers. Incidentally, that’s also why both are championing Adobe Flash rather than explaining to their customers that a beta-level Flash Player is not worth their time or battery. That’s a third strike on Android.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yer out! Back to the copier, er… bench now, Android.


  1. Make no mistake… I will have that new iPhone. But why the one or the other? Gotta admit…. Evo is great for competition despite the two main strikes…carrier and bad battery. Competition is good for business. Now let’s hold hands and sing together. Let’s hope the iPhone delivers longterm because mine is up 95% of it’s life. Testdrive then drink the coolaid.

  2. I used to read this site every day, and then the divisive commentary got old. Admittedly, it is interesting but it just got ridiculous.

    There will always be debates about “which platform is better” or “which phone is superior.” But in the end, the different options cater to different desires.

    I own a mac, as well as a PC.
    I also own a motorola Droid (overclocked, with a custom ROM) AND an iPhone 3GS.

    I love prefer my mac to my PC. And I prefer my droid to my iPhone. No Big Deal, right? No, there is always someone who feels the need to be a polarizing asshole (there are plenty on this site), and turn every small issue into some kind of opportunity to make their side seem better.

    The usual MDN commentary at the end of this article is plain silly.

    “Yer out! Back to the copier, er… bench now, Android.”

    Really? Android out? No, it’s not out. And on that point, I do not believe Android will send the iphone to the “bench now.”

    Apple has always been able to produce amazing products, that do amazing things. But if Android was such a shitty platform, it would not be growing at the rate that it is. Steve Jobs and his very much brilliant team prefer a more controlled (and therefore reliable) user experience, that oftentimes produces a user experience that is superior to the competitors’ offerings. However, what I am able to do with my Droid is amazing. Regardless of how caught up you may be in this fever that is Apple Fanboyism and Android Fanboyism, each platform OFFERS SOMETHING THAT IS DIFFERENTIATED FROM THE OTHER. In a world where every single person is inherently unique and different, those people are going to want and desire different things.

    Some people will prefer Android, and others will prefer “iOS”– It is as simple as that.

    Now, I’m going to leave this website and head on over to Macnn to get my share of apple news, and then enjoy looking at my two Beautiful, Fast, and Elegant devices that are the Moto Droid and Apple iPhone 3GS.

    And as a veteran mac user, please stop making us out to be assholes who think we are just better than everything else, to the point where we blindly will criticize everything–It is polarizing, and turns you into the same thing that veteran mac users used to hate. When Windows fanboyism was at it’s peak and Appleheads were the underdogs, everyone wanted to complain about how the windows guys were such pompous assholes….That sentiment comes out like s3men from Lady Gaga’s hidden cave of happiness between her legs every time I read this site.

    that is all.

    Have a nice day.

  3. @Allen

    You sound like a real fun guy to be around. Feel free to head on over to Macnn and stay there.

    People who log in to complain and then leave are annoying. Here’s an idea:

    Don’t visit the site, or if you do, don’t read the MDN take or the comments.

    PS – Enjoy your $200+ a month in multiple carrier charges for your cell phones. Also, F&ck;off.

  4. @Allen

    How would you feel about, if you had spent many years of hard labor to develop a great gadget, only to discover that your good friend and neighbor, that you invited with open arms into you home and family for many years, you showed him proudly your plans for your gadget…. one day STEALS your idea for this gadget and makes the same gadget, but a shitty version of it, to push you out of your market and KILL your gadget???

    How would that make you feel?

    It isn’t the first time that this has happened to Apple, you know… unfortunately the world is full of a$$holes who have no shame.

  5. Boy! . . . Do I need to remind you guys again?

    We want to embrace Android. It is designed to be the “other” OS, replacing Winmo and Symbian. It is worthy, in that respect. Apple will never get, and probably doesn’t even want, 100% of the smartphone market. The Nexus, as I understand it, was just a proof of concept device, with Google never intending to actually enter the smartphone market, itself.
    Also, Android should be further impetus for Apple to continue to work to “lead the pack,” with new technology, quality, and ease of use. Competition is good. Good competition is better.

  6. Good thing Team Google has 27 outs in the baseball game, because there are a lot more strikes against Android than those three (although those three are probably the best ones).

    The next OUT would be

    Strike ONE: Fractured platform for app (and even OS) compatibility with various devices from various manufacturers. Confusion for customers, extra work for developers (breaking a smaller market into even smaller pieces).

    Strike Two: No screening of apps for malware; McAfee, Norton, and the rest may profit from the mobile space after all. I can see a day when Android will need to “multi-task” mobile anti-malware software.

    Strike Three: Since Android and most of Google’s software are free, Google’s real (paying) customers are advertisers (and whoever pays Google to collect private user data), not the users. The users are actually Google’s commodity. Apple’s customers are obviously the users who pay for the hardware. Why would anyone want to be an Android user, just to be “used” by Google?

    And that’s TWO OUTS for Google.

  7. @Allen

    at the risk of being polarizing and divisive, i am actually really curious as to why you prefer the android to the iphone. i have yet to hear a compelling argument other than the carrier.

    p.s. the reason it’s so popular is that there are no other options; its on multiple networks and is being given away in two for one deals.

  8. my my, how people have swallowed the ‘apple juice’. im not a ‘droid’ fan, just a tech fan…but apple is bending everyone over a barrel and people just don’t care.

    ads on apps you PAY FOR? wtf! still no removable battery?

    not the apple i remember as a kid in the 80s

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