Gartenberg: ‘Apple’s new iPhone 4 is nothing short of stunning’

Apple’s new iPhone 4 “is nothing short of stunning. I know you think you might already know what the device looks like but trust me, it’s not even close to seeing the device up close and in person. It’s super thin at 9.3mm which is a shrink down of 24 percent. It’s got a solid feel and heft and the metal trim (which are also the antennas) gives it a very elegant look,” Michael Gartenberg blogs for Gartenblog. “You’ll know immediately it’s an iPhone but this is Apple’s best effort in design yet.”

“Retina Display. Again, this has to be seen to be appreciated. Apple has upped the ante on the phone display market with a new design that’s now 4x greater in terms of pixels than previous iPhones,” Gartenberg writes. “That means that text and graphics take on a stunning new clarity. At 326 pixels per inch, Apple has now hit the magic threshold above 300 where the retina simply can’t see the individual pixels anymore. Web pages, email, photos all have a stunning new clarity. Using the same screen tech as the iPad, it’s far superior to AMOLED in terms of use in bright sunlight and has a very nice wide viewing angle. This is now the new benchmark for all devices to follow.”

Gartenberg writes, “It’s running an A4. Just like big brother iPad. Suffice to say performance is excellent. There’s a degree of fluidity that’s fantastic across the board… Taking advantage of the iPhone 4′s front facing camera, FaceTime is mobile video conference done right. It works iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 and it’s WiFi only for 2010. What it is though is simple. There’s no setup, there’s no configuration. There’s no lag. Audio and video are fully in sync. In short it just works. We knew there might be this sort of capability from some of the leaks but the truth is, until you see it in action, it’s hard to appreciate. Even cooler, it’s all open so developers can easily add this functionality to their apps. Skype, are you listening? Apple isn’t the first to market with video conferencing on a phone but they’re the first to get it right. It’s not a feature unless the mass market uses it and I expect FaceTIme will drive a lot of sales.”

There’s much more in the full article – highly recommended – here.


  1. APPLE RULES!!! What’s droid gonna do now???? There little INCREDIBLE is like a piece of junk compared to Iphone 4. OWNED again by apple. These other companies should just shut their mouths and stop trying to compete. Just make their garbage little phones and pray that people are dumb enough to buy them just like the idiots that buy PC’s over Macs.

  2. If ATT doesn’t cover your area, you can always buy one and jailbreak it. Apparently T-Mobile and others will kind of guide you, or direct you to the information… and once it’s broken open they will sign it up on their network, so I’ve heard. Others who’ve done it might fill us in…

    There’s so much moaning about ATT, but I really can’t believe VZ will be better. I had a VZ phone and its call quality sounded like crap and lost calls more than any other carrier, and we’re in a major city… Eventually the iPhone will be on VZ, but I don’t expect it will be much better service overall… if at all.

  3. I’ve got the cash ready, I just have to hope the spousal unit agrees. She just bought me a new lawn mower today, so an iPhone might to stretching my luck a little.

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