Apple pushes rivals’ hopes of parity out of reach with iPhone 4

“Apple has elevated the iPhone brand again and forestalled rivals’ ability to claim parity,” Larry Dignan writes for SeekingAlpha.

MacDailyNews Take: That’s okay, they’ll just continue to run some more insipid Droid TV commercials with meaningless verbiagedesigned to confuse testosterone overdosed ignoramuses. Seriously, watch this absolute stupidity.

Dignan continues, “Now it wasn’t like the iPhone was becoming a commodity device, but you could see some parity on the horizon… Enter Apple CEO Steve Jobs who was having none of that talk… Jobs had many subtle references that indicated that the iPhone was a Mercedes or BMW and the other rivals had more common sedans.”

“Sure, there are plenty of tech specs to ponder, but Apple is selling a different vibe and a higher calling,” Dignan writes. “Now you can debate forever whether you buy into the Apple zeitgeist, but Jobs accomplished what he had to. Apple is about threading that liberal arts and technology needle and the company just put a little more distance between the big pack trying to hunt down the iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Mimicking parrots can’t hunt down the king of the jungle; especially one with a five year head start.


  1. MDN take is good. Those Droid commercials talks like its the most amazing crap out there. Yet they never show the device running through the motion like the iPhone commercials…. Droid, more blah blah, blah blah blah.

  2. … Mercedes or BMW and the other rivals had more common sedans…

    Bad comparison… a common sedan can be a very reliable smooth car.

    But that Hemdroid is a POS that doesn’t work, like Windows.

  3. Now, what will the new iPod touch look like? I think it should look like the new iPhone, because the new iPhones look like “throwback” 5G iPods (which I think is a good thing and they also came in shiny black and white). Since the iPhone 4 now has TWO cameras, the touch can have one now. So make it like the iPhone, with the mobile phone, GPS, and user-facing camera parts not present. The difference between an iPod touch and iPhone should be equivalent to the difference between the WiFi iPad and 3G/WiFi iPad.

  4. It’s not like they ever achieved anything close to parity.

    All that effort, striving to get some kind of relevance, and today they find there were just skating to where the puck was.

  5. I drink the kool-aid as much as anyone when it comes to Apple. Especially in regards to my Mac vs. PC’s.

    But what exactly was announced today that forestalls rivals the ability to claim parity? Feature wise the EVO and iPhone seem awfully close to parity. There will be 2 more Android OS updates this year as well.

    I do like the EVO’s ability to do the video chat in WiFi, 3G or 4G rather than WiFi only like the iPhone. I also like how it isn’t just EVO to EVO but can be EVO to anyone that can run Qik or visit the Qik website. I don’t like how it must be iPhone 4 to iPhone 4.

    It’s a great upgrade for existing iPhone users to be sure, as well as those that planned to switch anyway. But for those in the States that wouldn’t switch to AT&T;for previous models, there isn’t anything ground breaking enough here to make them bite the bullet.

  6. The screen sounds awesome. Can’t wait for the comparable iPod Touch!

    Tthis is one more example of Apple refusing to rest on its (innumerable) laurels, but pushing forward and dragging the entire industry along with it.

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