Susquehanna ups Apple price target from $300 to $325

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“An analyst with Susquehanna Financial has raised a price target for Apple stock from $300 to $325, citing the iPad as a main cause,” Electronista reports. “‘The iPad continues to sell at a better-than-expected pace, and should be fueled by geographic expansion and expanding use cases,’ says Jeffrey Fidacaro.”

Electronista reports, “Fidicaro is calling for Apple to sell as many as 7.4 million tablets by the end of 2010, up from an earlier estimate of 4.75 million. For 2011, the analyst suggests that Apple will now sell 14.1 million iPads instead of 8.4 million.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: His iPad estimates are too low for both 2010 and 2011.


  1. “‘The iPad continues to sell at a better-than-expected pace…

    Better than expected by whom? Certainly not me. And not MDN and their readers here as well. So, the only ones left are all the whacked-out ANALysts like yourself Susquehanna Financial.

    Get a clue and read MDN before you set your stock target prices…

  2. He maybe correct if Apple can only get “7.4 million” iPads made in 2010 and “14.1 million iPads” made in 2011.

    The speed bump is how many can they get made? Not what can they sell. APPLE WILL SELL EVERYTHING THEY CAN GET TO THE CUSTOMERS!

    Clueless idiots. What do they base these turds on? I had a dream maybe.

  3. analists need and I thank them for keeping their targets low (they are not that stupid).. to protect their own clients who own aapl. todays job report is a perfect example. if the analysts where not shorting this market, they would have targeted a 200k jobs number instead. Goldman, yesterday upped their estimate to 600k from 500k (again they are not stupid) they obviously where short the market, and got their wishes with “missed expectations”. Fortunately they are being kind to us with their targets. Don’t be to hard on them MDN they know what they are doing.

  4. MDNs estimates are too high.
    You aimed very high and to be honest got luck we kept goin higher because you have really no way of knowing.

    I want MDN to put a number out so we know. You are hedging your bet by not providing a number because if we wouldnt hit your number you would NOT write an article on how your prediction was way too high.

  5. @ anim8me2; yea! Susquehanna Hat Company. You beat me to it! “My wife ran off with a salesman from the Susquehanna Hat Company” – old skit from Abbott & Costello for u kiddies. (this is what u had to watch on Saturday mornings before Cartoon Network)

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