TheStreet: Five reasons why you won’t see a Verizon iPhone on Monday

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“As Apple gets set to take tech’s center stage at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco Monday, many gadget fans await the company’s newest gem — a redesigned iPhone… So to help put apprehensions to rest and possibly stir up new ones, we’ve patched together the five most definitive reasons you won’t see a Verizon iPhone Monday,” Scott Moritz foments for TheStreet.

Five reasons why you won’t see a Verizon iPhone on Monday:

5: CEO Ivan Seidenberg
4: New AT&T data pricing
3: Stinking contract
2: Because Verizon said so
1: Production plans say November

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  1. First and only defensible reason you won’t hear about a Verizon iPhone tomorrow: C D M A

    CDMA is crap technology. It doesn’t do data very well and can’t be upgraded from it’s current capabilities.
    We’ll see a Verizon iPhone when Verizon’s network has been upgraded to LTE. Not before. Think late 2011 if then.

  2. @ pastrychef

    Apple is loyal to ATT because ATT is willing to pay handsomely for the privilege of iPhone exclusivity.

    Also, I personally believe Apple is intentionally restricting the potential customer base for iPhone until that data center in NC is fully operational.

  3. @pastrychef

    It’s a possibility, and noble of Apple if so, but if Apple wants the iPhone to be the dominant smart phone, they’ve no choice but to expand to other carriers. In my opinion, the only reason Android gained a footing is because it’s available on other networks. People like me, who aren’t willing to switch to AT&T;(Verizon is the only thing that works where I live), bought Androids instead because it’s “good enough.” I haven’t yet bought an Android, and don’t plan on it because I want the “real” thing, but I’m also an Apple fanboy, whereas a lot of people aren’t.

  4. @ MrMcLargeHuge

    I completely agree that the reason why Android has managed to gain a foothold is due to that fact that the iPhone is only available from AT&T;. I was just offering my “One Reason Why You Won’t See A Verizon iPhone On Monday” in response to the article.

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