Apple Mac mini supply dries up ahead of next-gen models

HOT Apple Computers + FREE Shipping“Supply of Apple’s existing Mac mini lineup has become increasingly constrained over the past two weeks as the company prepares to introduce refreshed models that may serve as a harbinger for some new I/O technology on the Mac,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“The shortage has been verified four times over by AppleInsider, which has received numerous reports that suggest the constraints are indicative of new models on the horizon, rather than intermittent delays resulting from the onset of the back-to-school buying season, which sometimes sees Apple curb the flow of Macs to its distribution channels in favor of filling large orders to universities,” Jade reports. “‘Every time this has happened in years past, it means that the item we ordered would be revised,’ one buyer for a higher-ed institution told AppleInsider.”

Jade reports, “In March, AppleInsider exclusively reported that next-generation Mac minis making there way through the Cupertino-based company’s verification tests were seen with an HDMI port in place of the existing model’s DVI port.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Andrew W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Combine a Mac Mini, with an Apple TV, and Time Capsule, and I’ll buy it.

    I’ll buy it without Time Capsule too, and add my own, but an all-in-one unit would be a bonus. 

  2. @ Truck Driver – If you had any understanding of what Steve Jobs said, you’d understand that the need for trucks will never go away – it’s just that fewer people will need trucks. So can we please stop with the sour attitude and misrepresentation of his analogy?

  3. @Gabriel

    Many think as you do and I would like to believe you are right. But if you watch those videos of Steve talking about how the transition from computers to mobile devices has already happened, then you will understand. He’s talking about the old truck being in the ditch – no longer even on the road.

    Hell, he even compares the passing of the pc era to the demise of the floppy disk. How stupid does he think we are?

    Tell you what will prove me right or wrong. OS 10.7 – if we ever see it or not. That’s going to be the final test of the future of Apple’s interest in the computer business.

  4. What does ATV have that isn’t already built into the mac mini in the form of Front Row or Quicktime with Perian? Time capsule is a backup mechanism…why would you want it onboard on the mini…wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of wireless back up…looks like I’m the one confused.

  5. As long as the Mini DisplayPort is still there in addition to the HDMI port, that’s fine. Mac mini needs to have the ability to use two displays, as the current one does.

    An actual HDMI port (instead of using an adapter) should also provide video AND audio over the same connection, which will be beneficial to the “Mac mini instead of Apple TV” crowd.


    > What does ATV have that isn’t already built into the mac mini…

    The current Apple TV has component video output, not just HDMI (Mac mini has neither without using an adapter for HDMI video). Also, since it has HDMI, you can connect it to your HDTV without a separate cable for audio (or need to get an expensive adapter that merges audio onto the HDMI cable). It also comes with an Apple Remote Control. And if it’s meant to be your “TV box,” you don’t have to have a keyboard and mouse around to use and maintain it. Plus it costs about three times less than the lowest priced Mac mini. Even a used previous gen (Intel) Mac mini costs twice as much.

  6. The reason for Time Capsule is to back up the other Macs in my house.

    Also, because Time Capsule doubles as Airport.

    As for the truck analogy, I wasn’t following along, because I hadn’t read the article where Steve made the analogy.

    I just did though, and I now get that there were subtexts to those posts.

    My apologies to Gabriel. I guess your post wasn’t as off-base as I originally thought. 

  7. sorry I agree with Truck Driver on this one

    In fact it is what I have been fearing as soon as I saw Jobs introduce the iPad…

    His recent comments only further cemented this.

    You can tell he feels that is where people need to be when reaching for a computer like device.

    I am not ready to give up my “truck” any time soon

  8. @ ken1w–

    Yes, I understand the differences between the two, and I’m aware of the similarities.

    In it’s current form, however, there isn’t much value in Apple TV for me.

    By adding the functionality of a Mac, it can serve as not only a media server, but the host computer for syncing my iDevices as well.

    It just isn’t that practical for me otherwise, as my wife likes to sneek off with my laptop. An Apple TV would never leave my house. 

  9. The Mac Mini, Apple TV, Time Capsule, Airport Extreme
    the Mac Mini, Apple TV, Time Capsule, Airport Extreme
    the Mac Mini, Apple TV, Time Capsule, Airport Extreme
    ……. are you getting it yet?

    That’s what I want Steve to say next week.

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