‘iPad mania’ hits Australia as long lines form in Sydney

“Delays of two weeks or more are expected before new orders of the Apple iPad are delivered to customers because of strong demand for the tablet computer,” Kylie Davis reports for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Freight company TNT is reported to be struggling to deliver the 20,000 orders across the country, with buyers being told their purchases should arrive before June 7, while those placing new orders are being advised of two-week delays,” Davis reports.

“One million iPads were sold in just 28 days in the US, and that huge demand delayed the worldwide launch,” Davis reports. “In Australia 30,000 were sold on the first day, with 20,000 more expected to be sold over the weekend.”

Full article, with video report, here.


  1. The price of a magical and revolutionary daikaiju is unbelievable.
    (AppleCare is highly recommended.)

    “Rinji news o moshiagemasu! Rinji news o moshiagemasu! Gojira ga Ginza hoomen e mukatte imasu! Daishikyu hinan shite kudasai! Daishikyu hinan shite kudasai!”

  2. You do not say?

    I guess it goes without saying then! Hmmm.

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    How long before there’s a pop song for the iPad like Pac-Man Fever?

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