Microsoft admits Windows Phone 7 slide was wrong; IDC never predicted 30m devices

“Microsoft acknowledged on Friday that it used an inaccurate number to represent research company IDC’s sales forecast for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform,” By Stephen Lawson reports for

“During a presentation at the ReMix conference in Paris this week, Microsoft showed a slide that said IDC had forecast 30 million Windows Phone 7 devices would be sold by the end of 2011,” Lawson reports. “The MobileTechWorld blog posted a photo of the French-language slide.”

Lawson reports, “As it turns out, IDC had said no such thing about the future operating system, on which many observers believe Microsoft’s mobile-phone future depends. Instead, the research company forecast 2011 sales of 32 million devices running all Windows mobile operating systems. This includes expected sales of devices with Windows Mobile 6.5, which is already on the market. IDC has not given any sales estimate for Windows Phone 7, which Microsoft has said will be available in the fourth quarter.”

“‘At the ReMix conference in Paris, Microsoft presented a slide projecting the number of Windows Phone 7 [devices] to be sold in 2011. This slide was inaccurate, and intended to represent an analyst’s assessment of the market opportunity,’ Microsoft said in a prepared statement. The company added that it has not provided any sales forecasts of its own for the OS,” Lawson reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We couldn’t be less surprised.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacRaven” for the heads up.]


  1. Do I understand correctly that IDC predicts that combined sales of WM 6.5 devices and WinPhone7 devices in 2011 will be 32 million?

    Did they specify in which alternate reality those sales would take place?

  2. @The Other Steve:

    You got that right. That’s why the “accurate” IDC forecast is just as ridiculous as the “inaccurate” forecast that Microsoft claimed.

  3. “It’ll DO internet, It’ll DO music, It’ll DO email”…

    Yeah Steve, people don’t want it just to DO those things it wants them to do it well. How’s the competition now?

  4. “Yeah Steve, people don’t want it just to DO those things it wants them to do it well. How’s the competition now?”

    What was that crappy phone called? The Motorola Q? The BlackJack?

    I can’t tell you how many times I see those Motorola guys boppin’ down the street… Pfft… The Signature black earbuds.

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