‘iPad fever’ hits Canada

“Apple fans started lining up at 5:30 Friday morning to be among the first in Canada to buy the iPad here,” Gillian Shaw reports for The Vancouver Sun. “I was among them.”

“I was there to write this story. But four hours later, I walked out the door of Apple’s downtown retail store with a brand new 3G iPad, making the lineup easily the most expensive I have ever covered,” Shaw reports. “I was okay to watch all my geek pals rush across the border to buy the first ones but the final straw came when my definitely non-geeky pal Margot announced at dinner the other night: ‘I think I need to get an iPad. I want an iPad so I can get all those apps.'”

Shaw reports, “That’s it — the apps have it… Even as I write this on a keyboard docking station I’ve hooked up to my new iPad, I keep leaving the keyboard to use the touch screen. It’s that tactile element that separates the iPad from the net book I use as my on-the-go machine. My laptop has become my desktop computer and stays home most of the time.

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  1. Yeah, instead of waiting in line at an Apple Store and possibly not getting one because they ran out, I walked into a BestBuy yesterday, no lineup and they had a couple dozen in stock.

    Got the 64Gb/3G one.

    Unfortunately, the manager spent 5 minutes trying to upsell me on their stupid, super expensive extended warrantee plan.

  2. @Snow Leopard…
    That’s old hat. My laptop became my desktop 10 years ago!

    I just got a new 15″ i7 MBP (8GB RAM, 7200 rpm HD, hi-res anti-glare screen), too. OMFG, what a fantastic machine!

    Vancouver is a great town, BTW!

  3. That’s been happening for years now. The majority of machines being sold are PC laptops, and the majority of those are large, bulky, and have poor battery life. In other words, they’re desktop replacements.

  4. I wish more people would respond to the “Made in China” Foxconn slander that is going around.

    You can point out to these idiots that practically ALL tech equipment, computers, cables, power supplies, printers, memory, you-name-it, is MADE IN CHINA. (In addition most of the items you use daily, your very clothing, your chair, your lamp all your Walmart purchases — guess what, Made in China.)

    Dell, Toshiba, Sony, HP, Lenovo, Brother, Asus, Lexmark, Panasonic — oh my god the list is endless — use Foxconn and other Chinese factories. Why pick out Apple?

    This attack of Apple using Foxconn is such blatant, ignorant slander and misinformation, it deserves a round dose of reality in response.

    China is a repressive country who torture, kill millions of dogs and cats a year, sell prisoners’ organs on the transplant market, censor the Internet, and so on, and if you supposedly care about China, you would need to boycott the entire country, something very hard to do. Add to that the fact that they hold a huge amount of our foreign debt, and if they called it in they cause a economic disaster here.

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