Scotland goes ‘iPad mad’ as Apple’s magical device arrives in UK

“Scotland went iPad mad yesterday, as tech fans across the country flocked to the shops to get their hands on Apple’s latest device when it went on sale in the UK for the first time,” Craig Brown reports for The Scotsman.

“Seasoned computer enthusiasts and amateurs came out in force, queuing overnight, as the tablet-style device finally became available, having already been delayed because of high demand in America,” Brown reports.

“In Aberdeen, queues began to form at 1am, as people vied to be the first in to get their hands on the device… In Edinburgh, there was a similar rush,” Brown reports. “The device has been a runaway hit. When it was launched two months ago in the US, the company sold a million units in just 28 days, while the Apple website is already warning UK iPad pre-orders will not be shipped out until 7 June.”

Full article here.


  1. This is even better than many optimistic Mac fans and prognosticators had hoped. As the old saying goes, news is neither as good nor as bad as it might appear at first. Well, in this case, the old saying does not apply. The iPad frenzy is much, much better than it appeared even at its U.S. launch with all of those pre-orders. And I know lots of people who want one, but are still holding back for a little while just to make sure. So there’s another wave of buyers lined up behind the early adopters.

  2. @Ampar

    Good one! I was getting concerned that you may have lost your keen wit after the lame post on the preceeding story. Glad to see you’ve still got it.

  3. Thanks, Cascadians.

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    “after the lame post on the preceeding story.”

    If I could bat a 1000, I doubt I would be posting here.

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  4. “Here’s to you, as good as you are,
    And here’s to me, as bad as I am; 
    But as good as you are, and as bad as I am, 
    I am as good as you are, as bad as I am.”

    Old Scottish Toast

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