Canadians line up to get their hands on Apple’s revolutionary iPad

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Canadian tech-lovers lined up across the country Friday to get their hands on the latest status symbol from computer-giant Apple: the iPad,” Philip Ling and Mike Barber report for Canwest News Service.

MacDailyNews Take: Staus symbol? If that an attempt to demean or are the reporters just grasping for the proper words, but failing?

Ling and Barber report, “A mix of the ubiquitous iPhones and MacBook laptops, the iPad is essentially a flat, 10-inch touch screen with Internet access that can play music, photos and games. More than 200,000 downloadable apps are already available.”

“The iPad was greeted with skepticism when it was first unveiled by Apple CEO Steve Jobs in January,” Ling and Barber report. “But by the time it went on sale in the U.S. in April, the same hype that made the iPod a generational touchstone had sunk in. Within a month, more than a million had been purchased.”

Ling and Barber report, “Customers have been able to pre-order iPad models from Apple’s online store since May 10. Apple Canada spokesman Simon Atkins wouldn’t say how many have been pre-sold.”

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  1. Sometimes being half a day behind Europe sucks, but the wait is finally over for this round of international iPad launch. Now Spare a thought for the countries apple hasn’t grace with a launch date yet.

  2. I’m not personally convinced that I want one (I’m leaning towards it but want to try it out first), but the store I work at will be selling them so I’ll be able to play with the demo units when I go into work later today. I doubt there will be any actual units left from the shipment we got in, I suspect we’ll be low on stock for the next few months.

  3. Why are these people so stupid? Why do they even use the “hype” word? It has nothing to do with hype. Apple simply makes very good products, so people buy them. They market them well and so people like to buy them. They deliver on what they promise and people feel secure buying them. What’s so freaking hard to figure out.

    They seem to want to associate quality products with an elite market. I’d much rather buy an elite product than a piece of poo, wouldn’t you? hm. Nice rhyme!

  4. I played with one at the Apple store today. It’s very nice. I’m waiting for more books and offline Map apps to appear. It it had the off-line Rand/McNally Road atlas available I’d be there in a heartbeat. I have heard that we Canadians have more liberal copy-wright laws that those draconian measures to the South and this is why we have few books and magazines available to us. Can someone confirm? I’m curious.

  5. Well, . . . I, for one, am tired of hearing about all the hype about the iPad. Mostly what I heard was FUD from the usual suspects.

    I was considering purchasing my first laptop for traveling, but I also wanted something that would let me carry my pix in my hand, and maybe even video, and the ability to use the device with a DLP. I saw the iPad demo in the keynote, but I still wasn’t convinced or even excited. . . . One evening I went in to a Best Buy and there was a table full of iPads, and even an Apple sales guy. I only played with it for a minute, when I found myself helping to demo the device to some non-Apple people at the table. . . . It was that easy!
    I tried the keyboard, and actually found it rather pleasant to work with. Now all this came to a senior citizen with no experience with an iPhone, or even an iPod.
    I ordered the 3G 64 gig, a week later.
    I haven’t loaded any music, or even additional apps. I’m getting plenty of use from it already. I have over 5,000 pix on it, and even some nice new video from a Flip HD.

    Oh. By the way, I think I’m still going to get that MacBook Pro.

  6. Mine arrive in Toronto, 3.5 hours after Fedex latest delivery time as they were overwhelmed by the volume. The dirver said “everyone” was getting one.

  7. I picked mine up today from the Apple Store, it’s the freakin’ BOMB. The iPad is like something fromm way into the future, I just can’t get my head around how damn cool this ipad is.

    Not sure if it’s UK only, but there’s a Guardian App that gives you a full on slideshow of the best pictures from around the world, and it’s free!

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