Microsoft expects to sell 30 million Windows Phone 7 devices by 2011

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Microsoft revealed that it may have aggressive goals for Windows Phone 7 through a presentation at ReMIX in France,” Electronista reports. “The company endorsed IDC data that showed it shipping a total of 30 million WP7 smartphones by the end of 2011. Much of the increase would be helped by the rise of smartphones, which could account for 40 percent of sales in 2011 compared to just 14 percent this year.”

“The estimate seen by MobileTechWorld, while not directly controlled by Microsoft, would mark a distinct reversal of the current pattern for Windows Mobile,” Electronista reports. “Just 3.7 million Windows Mobile phones shipped in the winter and could leave Microsoft shipping less than half IDC’s number this year.”

Electronista reports, “Sales could be lower still as any rebound from the formal launch of WP7 in the fall could be offset by declines as customers either wait for the new OS or decide on alternatives like Android and iPhone.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Buy One Windows Phone, Get 10,000 Free.


  1. How can IDC have “data” on phone shipments out to 2011???

    Sounds disingenuous not to call it what it is, a wild ass guess meant to apease a major client (MS).

  2. Just how will Microsoft sell so many Windows 7 phones?
    Microsoft plans to double the number of retail outlets to four,

    problem solved.

  3. Sell it like commodities, next to the toilet paper aisle, with discount coupons in weekly mailbox stuffings, aimed at the below $50 market, with barely a margin…

    Nope, still won’t work.

  4. I saw this story yesterday (or late last night) and laughed. First, Microsoft has to actually ship it before the end of the year. Second, they have to enlist enough hardware partners to make phones for it and wireless carriers to support it. Third, they have to sell it in a crowded marketplace that has been transformed by Apple and iPhone.

    Microsoft may get halfway there if (1) it ships well before the end of 2010 and the 2010 sales count toward the “by end of 2011” number, (2) MS essentially gives it away for free to match the licensing cost of using Android, and (3) do a lot of “get one free” deals with the carriers.

    Frankly, if Microsoft reached 15 million by the end of 2011, that would be a pretty good achievement. But now, it will be seen as a failure.

  5. @ Ploogman

    You are correct sir. The partners MS expects to sell these phones are abandoning WinMo. Their MeToo Effort (TM) won’t win anyone back.

  6. “Right now were selling millions and millions and millions of phones a year, Apple is selling ZERO phones a year. In 6 months they’ll have the most expensive phone by far ever in the market place….. let’s see, you know how’s the expression go, let’s see how the competition goes.”

    – Steve Ballmer after the first iPhone announcement.

  7. I don’t think Msft will sell 30m.

    Even if they do, at $15 to 18 a license (based on current WM pricing), 30 m sold = $18 x 30m = $540 m gross.

    Apple will sell 30 to 40m iPhones or more at about 500 a pop (remember 199 etc is subsidized by contract) = 15 to 20 billion gross.

    these are gross revenues, net will be somewhat different.
    Still even if MS succeeds with their fantasy projections (which I bet they won’t) WP 7 looks like another money loser (factor in costs like R&D;, marketing etc) or at best lackluster profit product.

    Also with so little profit in it how much will Msft devote to WP 7 tech? How will WP 7 division survive and get resources in the chronic Msft office politics when Win Desktop divisions make so much more money?

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