A Verizon iPhone at WWDC?  Don’t bet on it

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“It’s that time of year again: The weather is getting warmer, Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference is just around the corner, and rumors about the iPhone coming to Verizon are sprouting up,” David Goldman writes for CNNMoney.

“Don’t believe it, Verizon fans,” Goldman writes. “It’s unlikely that Steve Jobs will announce a Verizon tie-up when he gets on stage at the WWDC event on June 7.”

“The rumors have been swirling around for years because an Apple-Verizon partnership seems to make sense for both parties,” Goldman writes. “The top reason consumers who are in the market for an iPhone decide to pass is AT&T’s 3G network problems, which are notorious in New York and San Francisco, according to a CFI Group study. Meanwhile, Verizon has built up its reputation as the ‘most reliable network.’ Also, Verizon’s 93 million wireless customers would present a huge opportunity for Apple to grow its customer base.”

Goldman writes, “Yet there are some fundamental reasons why a deal isn’t imminent.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’d defend AT&T as having to deal with massive data demands that, frankly, Verizon with their inferior devices simply doesn’t face, but until AT&T turns on the iPhone tethering they starting saying was “coming soon” back in November 2008, screw ’em.


  1. There will be no iPhone on any network not running GSM or an equivalent 4G technology. Apple will not go backwards just to get more sales. When Verizon is running a next gen network, expect the Verizon iPhone. Until then, there will be nothing. I will eat my hat if I am wrong.

  2. I think that iPhone access to all carriers is the more likely rabbit in the hat. It’s time for that. AT&T;knows it. Apple knows it. It’s time for expansion and AT&T;can NOT keep up with Apple. At this point in time AT&T;is limiting Apple and damaging their own reputation in doing so.

    Let go AT&T;. All will be well.

  3. Is anyone else as sick of this tiresome speculation as I am? I suppose the fact that I’m just fine with my AT&T service means I really, really don’t care anymore about this annoying Verizon speculation. Wake me when something actually happens.

  4. Verizon gets an iPhone when Hell Freezes over. They snubbed Steve at the launch of the iPhone. They made fun of the iPhone in a national ad campaign. Steve has a good memory. Seems like there was a quote against Dell of ‘We’re coming for you…’ Just repeat this when you hear ANY Verizon rumor. What you will see is Spring get the iPhone or Apple buy Sprint, or T Mobile get the iPhone or Apple buy T Mobile, the head of T Mobile just stepped down…. hmmm… Or every other cellular vendor get the iPhone just to stick it to Verizon. That is my $.02. and I’m always right.

  5. @His Shadow
    Precisely so and well stated! Apple does not chase market share at the expense of deviating from their long term plan, even if that might resort in an increase in short term profits.

  6. doubt that verizon or any cdma carrier will get iphone ever
    why make 2 models when most of world is already on gsm??
    apple doing just fine and does not need to lose focus by adding verizon to the mix

  7. Hey, ATT sucks… but so does Verizon.

    Even if there were a Verizon phone, I’d stick with ATT for now. And you can be sure Verizon will be more expensive.

  8. I disagree with the author’s premise that a partnership made sense for both firms. The partnershi has always madeore sense for Verizon not Apple. What would Apple have gained, more US sales at the exense of a cripled device, inability to grow their echoshere, worse customer satisfaction with their product. I see short sighted Verizon as the only winner in any partnership agreement with Apple. Apple would not have the economies of scale it now enjoys, it would not have the healthy margins and profits and does not have to suffer the slings and arrows of a BOGO sale like RIM, Samsung and Motorola to name a few. These healthier profits a plowed back into research to develop both the future course of Apple devices and improve the user experience as a function of the most common user complaints about the current devices in a thoughtful manner. Other companies tend to just execute without regard to thought or effects on other functions.

  9. I didn’t believe it, I wasn’t betting on it, and I’m sick of the wasted space discussing the possibility of it. It’s only useful to the hit- whores.

  10. This is the reason why the iPhone will not be coming to Verizon anytime soon. Verizon’s CDMA not compatible with Apple requirements. The article also mentions that until 4G come out for both Verizon and AT&T;, just STFU about iPhone coming to VeriZon!

  11. 2 things to add:

    First, I don’t think the CDMA argument is a good one but it seems to pop up all the time. Saying that Apple will wait until LTE before releasing an iphone doesn’t make sense because Verizon will be using CDMA for voice long after 2012. Have any of these analysts and commenters looked at Verizon’s plan? They are going to use LTE for data and CDMA for voice for quite a while before making the all out switch. The switch will not happen in 2012. Any iphone Apple will make will have to be compatible with both LTE and CDMA for at least the next 4 years, that is of course unless they want to limit themselves to coverage areas similar to AT&T;’s 3G coverage area. Apple will have to make a CDMA capable iPhone even in 2012 so why not make it now? Get it done and out of the way with your supply and manufacture chain ironed out, then add the dual CDMA/LTE chip in the next model– while making billions of dollars in the process.

    My second point is there is more than just not wanting AT&T;service keeping people from buying iPhones. Yes, Luke Wilson throwing post cards on a map claims AT&T;covers most of the US, but that is not true. Where I live, I am covered on that map, but AT&T;will not sell me service here even though your AT&T;phone will work on roaming. I am not alone. Us rural living people add up to millions of people, and Apple is missing out on us. I own three Macs and three ipods, would love to have the iphone but Apple has shut me out by choosing a carrier that will not sell to me. I have waited patiently for 3 years for either Apple to add carriers or AT&T;to add service. I have even endured a glitchy Blackberry Storm for a year and a half (yes, it has been torture). I am done waiting. No Apple announcement in June and I will go with Android. Not because I want to, but because that is the only choice I have. It will be either the HTC EVO or the Incredible, and neither will look good next to my MacBook Pro.

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