Mercedes-Benz to equip dealers with Apple iPads

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Mercedes-Benz Financial, which provides loans and leases, will equip 40 dealerships with an iPad loaded with its MB Advantage application. Dealers can use the application to see the latest discounts and begin the credit application process,” Jeff Bennett reports for The Wall Street Journal.

Bennett reports, “‘We wanted to bring the mobile revolution into the dealership,’ Andreas Hinrichs, vice president of marketing, said in an interview. ‘The iPad is consumer centric but there is a business side to it as well.'”

“If successful, Mercedes-Benz Financial may distribute iPads to all of its 350 U.S. dealers,” Bennett reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: And the rest of the computer industry stands frozen in the middle of the road, transfixed upon Apple’s rapidly approaching, exquisitely designed headlights.


  1. “And the rest of the computer industry stands frozen in the middle of the road, transfixed upon Apple’s rapidly approaching, exquisitely designed headlights.”

    LOL!!! Priceless!

  2. This is something I don’t understand. How does MB put a proprietary program on the iPad? Does it just go into the App Store? Is it then available for ANYONE to download? Does the app have to go through the same approval process? Or is there another way? Jailbreak?

  3. @ob1spyker

    I believe you can put you own apps on an iPhone/iPad or distribute them to your organization’s iPhones/iPads, without using the App Store.

    You can not sell them of course.

  4. WARNING: this is off topic but I am upset this morning. In the San Jose Mercury there is a front page article by some clown named Patrick May that is a hatchet job on Apple. He reports on the Tate email exchange as though Steve lost the debate. No mention of Tate’s drunken use of the F word, etc. Then goes on to damn Apple by John Stewsrt, Degeneres, and he claims many developers are leaving apple for Anddroid. I have cancelled my subscription as of today. Just tired of the Mercury’s ignoramous reporters trashing Apple day after day. You would think they would like a local company to suceed but I think they are in Googles corner. Anyway sorry to put my rant here but just had to get it out of my system. I Googled May but he does not seem to have any pulitzers.

  5. “exquisitely designed headlights.”
    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

    Also, someone who posts here regularly (TheConfused1??? LurkerPC???) posted a few days ago about the fact that they work for a MB dealership and that they were already using iPads at work.

  6. HughB,
    Isn’t that also the same paper that single-handedly spread the rumor (via one of their now-fired reporters who fabricated the entire story) about the CIA inventing crack and pumping it into the ghetto in an effort to kill blacks?

    People still believe this fallacy to this day.

  7. there is an Enterprise version of the developer license where you can distribute private apps to your own company.

    I am not at all amazed at how far behind the rest of the industry is. They don’t have the engineering prowess of Apple and this is greatly magnified in the mobile and miniature form factors.

    Microsoft has no answer. HP bought Palm. Dell is teaming up with Google Android… Microsoft is in real, immediate trouble this year, like never before… I saw this coming, but I didn’t think is would be so soon and Microsofts own partners competing against them – and Courier is vaporware – no device… no wonder AAPL is just about to top MSFT in market cap.

  8. @Spark,

    The program Jamie referenced is for Enterprise – meaning 500 employees or more.

    For smaller numbers of devices (100), the process is similar to how we all normally install apps (iTunes). But, instead of downloading the app into your library via the iTunes store, you drag it in from email, a web link, etc. Along with the app, you need a Provisioning Profile that the developer creates from the UDID of each device he/she wants to distribute the app to. The process is called the “Ad Hoc Distribution” method. Perfect for small businesses or beta testers. The provision profile must be updated periodically though, so an app based on it wouldn’t continue to work forever.

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