Apple’s market value rapidly closing in on Microsoft’s

Currently, shares of Microsoft (MSFT) are off $0.25, or -0.93%, to $26.59 which gives Microsoft a market value of $232.94 billion.

Shares of Apple (AAPL) are up $7.70, or 3.18%, to $250.02 for a market cap of $227.37 billion, a difference of just $5.57 billion, a mere 2.39% of Microsoft’s total value.

Could this be the week?


  1. Just last week, on a party, I met the chief marketing guy of Microsoft of my country. I also saw him introducing Windows 7 on television last year. Well turns out he is a nice guy. I didn’t ask him anything about MS. But of course I watched his reaction for every iPhone another guy took out. There are a lot of iPhones in Switzerland… He had a hard time ignoring them…

  2. I was hoping Apple would pass Microsoft right before WWDC so Apple could note the landmark in front of 4000+ developers, developers, developers! Not to mention all the media.

  3. My only worry is that once Apple passes this milestone the powers that be will give Ballmer the shove because though inherently they can’t see things coming they certainly feel it when its happened especially when they are no longer king pin. Which when you think of it explains totally why it is inevitable, that culture is just soooo ingrained there will endless recriminations. Thinking about it I am no longer sure that it matters if big B IS removed the damage has been done.

  4. We all owe SJ a big thank you for bringing Apple back from the dead….” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    just my $0.02

  5. @Ray
    Well, yes…but he did far more than that. He quite literally changed the world.

    When you are young and people tell you that you can do anything you set your mind to…it’s hard to believe. Steve just kept on believing and used his talent, intelligence, and uncompromising vision of what is better and really did achieve a nearly impossible task. More is not better. Cheaper is not better. More complex is not better.

    Better is better.

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