Looks like Apple has ended their iconic ‘Get a Mac’ campaign

HOT Apple Computers + FREE Shipping“Last month, actor Justin Long revealed that Apple’s long-running ‘Get a Mac’ ad campaign, in which he appeared as the ‘Mac’ character, appeared to have been discontinued,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors. “The last set of ‘Get a Mac’ commercials had been released in October 2009.”

“It now appears that Apple has finally pulled the ‘Get a Mac’ campaign from its site, redirecting the page to an expanded ‘Why You’ll Love a Mac’ page highlighting five key marketing points for Macs in comparison to PCs: Better Hardware, Better Software, Better OS, Better Support, and It’s Compatible,” Slivka reports. “Apple’s extensive gallery of ‘Get a Mac’ ads has also been removed from the site, with the URL similarly redirecting to the ‘Why You’ll Love a Mac’ page.”

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  1. They served their purpose.

    They teased out and reenforced that kernel of an idea that most people probably suspected all along: Macs are better (if you can afford them).

    The next phase is starting: “Apple’s products are for everyone”.

  2. Jimithy writes, “While I’ll certainly miss the commercials, I bet they discontinued it because something new and fresh is in the pipeline.”

    I hope you’re right. Apple is more than iPhones and iPads. Yes, I know the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch family generate the bulk of Apple’s profits. But there’s plenty of room yet to grow both on the consumer PC side and especially in the Enterprise.

    And, yes, something “new and fresh” will be nice to break up the season of TV series repeats we’re now entering.

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