Apple updates MobileMe with slew of improvements

MobileMeApple’s MobileMe service has been updated with the following improvements:

• Gallery
   – Gallery app for viewing shared photos and movies on iPhone and iPod touch
   – Support for video publishing in Aperture 3

• iDisk
   – Improved iDisk sync reliability for Mac OS X v10.6.3 or later
   – iDisk app support for email address auto-completion when sharing files, and copying images to the clipboard on iPhone and iPod touch

• Sync of contacts
   – Improved sync reliability on Mac OS X v10.6.3 or later, and on Windows with MobileMe Control Panel 1.5.2

• Find my iPhone
   – Safari access on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

• Account
   – Password strength indicator to help in creation of a secure password
   – Ability to convert an email aliases to family pack member account

• website
   – SSL access for web applications at

• Mail beta at
   – Widescreen and compact views
   – Rules to keep your email organized everywhere
   – Single-click archiving
   – Message formatting toolbar
   – Improved performance
   – Increased security with SSL

For more information, see MobileMe Mail Beta: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Here is a question for you……is the biggest/newest feature for MobileMe is the price….is it FREE yet? Only being free will help pull additional people over the wall from gmail, hotmail, and all the other free webapps…..APPLE, PLEASE LISTEN…….MAKE MOBILEME GOOD AND FREE AND YOU WILL SELL MORE iPRODUCTS!!!

  2. If MobileMe offers a free service, like Google and its Apps, it will probably have some iAd services, or something else for Apple to make money. Or to put it another way, if Apple offers a paid MobileMe service and a free one, there will have to be some differentiation.

    I do not mind paying for service. I just want value for it. I pay for Google Apps for my small company. I am interested to see what Apple can offer to the small business community through MobileMe, or perhaps it will continue to stick with single consumer-oriented products. If so, then Google will continue to get my dollars.

  3. Okay, rules are nice. But how about syncing the rules from my Mac. Do I really have to recreate a dozen different rules for MobileMe. And how about updating the the Gallery and iDisk apps for the iPad and making them more functional. I pay for this and would really like a little more, plus some consistency. MobileMe development seems to be moving very slow. I have been patient for years on this.

    Oh, and ditto the iCards! haha!

  4. MobileMe won’t be completely free. The iPhone/iPad locator and over the air shutdown is not going to be included. Expect your disk space to be reduced if they give that and gallery too. Apple will make you pay (I don’t mind at all for what it’s been able to do). They have to pay for that server farm maintenance somehow. Thanks for the updates. Mobile me beta has been great so far too.

  5. OK… now make it free and I’ll use it….

    They only have like 40 billion in cash. You have to wonder when they’re really going to unleash this thing, and make it competitive with MS and GooG offerings. (Yeah, I mean, make it Free)

  6. one word…. Drop. Box.

    …ok that’s two…sue me.

    OK now will someone make the sales pitch to me ’cause I really want to use MobileMe. I know there are things it does that DropBox doesn’t do–they’re not even the same type of service.

    one caveat, I’m on OS 10.4.11…..STOP LAUGHING!!!!

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