How Apple’s revolutionary iPad can change emergency medicine

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Can the iPad change the way we work in the emergency department?” Nicholas Genes, MD asks for Emergency Physicians Monthly.

“Maybe it won’t happen with this specific iPad release. Maybe it won’t happen this year or next. But I expect emergency physicians will someday be able to wander through their department, moving patient to patient, with a tablet like the iPad tucked under their arms,” Genes writes. “During encounters, we’ll use iPads to tap on elements of the history or exam in, and enter orders – all very quickly at the bedside. These tablets will help us go over images and lab results with patients, and let us review diagnoses and instructions. In short, I think the iPad can liberate doctors from the desk-based tyranny of ED information systems and the shortcomings of the paper chart.”

Here’s why:
• The Operating System
• The Form Factor
• Next Steps

Full article, with some health care iPhone OS apps that are already leading the way, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Wing L.” for the heads up.]


  1. When you think about it, MDs, Pilots, Military, Hell, even Hookers could use the iPad to revolutionize their businesses.

    Well, maybe not hookers but surely Madams could. It could be the biggest boost the oldest profession has seen since the invention of knee pads.

  2. I work with the local EMS and EOC and they are ordering iPads to have in the ambulances. They clipboard-like form factor and ability to have connection from anywhere are the biggest attractions.

  3. ” the iPad tucked under their arms”

    It’s better than that: Labcoat pockets are big enough to hold an iPad. As I pointed out on AI when the iPad size was first leaked.

  4. “tyranny of ED information systems”…..?

    Commercials about Cialis or Viagra is an ED information system now? An iPad will free doctors from this? Why are they watching commercials on iPads in emergency rooms, anyway? Don’t they have patients to attend?

  5. initially, many would think something as obvious as an ipad (see benifits described above) wouldnt help that much, but it would be tremendous. hospital information systems today are horrendous, and I am not exaggerating one bit. I have no doubt that the ease of use would save lives. I will definitely be inyegrating them into my future practice.

  6. The clinic I go to has computer terminals in each treatment room for the doctor to access the patient’s medical file. Imagine the space savings if each doctor had their own iPad connected to a secure network in-facility. And if a patient was being treated away from the clinic, the provider should be able to quickly get vital information.

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