Associated Press FUDfest attempts to characterize Apple iPhone as not being the best

invisibleSHIELD case for iPadUnder the headline, on Yahoo Finance at the very least, “Apple’s iPhone does well without being the best,” an Associated Press article by Jessica Mintz attempts to take a slew of unnamed devices and pit spec sheet highlights from each of them against Apple’s soon-to-be-replaced iPhone 3GS.

Think about it. If you were interested in doing the most balanced job of reporting, you’d wait a couple of weeks for Apple to release this year’s iPhone. Then, instead of creating a fantasy amalgam of devices, you find the most capable competing device to match up against the iPhone. And you’d consider everything the user experience entails, not just a list of specs. If, however, you were interested in painting iPhone in the worst possible light, then this is the very best time to start smearing. Compare Apple’s year old device to what’s currently on the market and don’t limit it to one new device, of course, pit them all at once against that old iPhone. That way you can find one device with better camera specs, but nothing else better, to beat iPhone there. Check! And you can find another one with a higher screen spec, but fail to mention that the thing barely works otherwise. Check! Etcetera.

Yup, it’s Super Amalgam Nonexistent Device vs. a year old iPhone!

Then just slap on a FUDline and some quotes from random entities (who may or may not have a stake in things; we don’t know, as no information about potential conflicts of interest, if any, are disclosed) that happen to support your biased conceits and off you go merrily into syndication. That this is the only way they can conjure up the perception of besting the iPhone is a testament to how badly Apple has bitch-slapped the so-called “competition.”

Perhaps the Associated Press thinks that their readers are stupid? If not, they sure act like it, if they actually believe that they can pass off this slanted trash as objective reporting.

Full article, no TBYC™ this time, please read it to see how blatant they are about it, here.

MacDailyNews Take: This is akin to taking a 2009 BMW M5 and pitting it against a just-released Ford pickup truck, a brand new Dodge minivan, and a 2010 Honda Accord in order to “prove” that the BMW’s trunk space, seating capacity, and number of cupholders, respectively, have been “exceeded by the competition.” Good luck welding the Ford, Dodge, and Honda together into a single usable vehicle.

MacDailyNews Note: Contact and let them know that if they value their credibility, they’ll cut the bullshit and report the facts for a change.


  1. Isn’t the AP the same group that came up with a wacky, unworkable schem. To somehow “DRM the news”? Their collective credibility is already in doubt when it comes to reporting on tech issues.

  2. Personally, I just sent AP a note and said “I’ve just deleted your App from both my iPhone and my iPad. Your cub reporter’s writing, and your inability to create a top notch app for the iPad demonstrates you don’t get it. I’ll be happy to pick up my news from more balanced news sources and more technologically savvy organizations. Bye!”

  3. “Good luck welding the Ford, Dodge, and Honda together into a single usable vehicle.”

    Suddenly I know how I’m going to spend my weekend! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Well, she begrudgingly reveals that iPhone users buy iPhones for their next phone. Then she says iPhone users are trapped in the iTunes ecosystem as if that is a bad thing.

    She does point out some problems with Android phones after saying Android phones have thousands of Apps too.

    All in all it is a hit piece that damns iPhone with faint praise, but it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, after reading MDNs take.

  5. I saw this article in a different publication this morning. The cognitive dissonance that some can’t resolve is witnessed at the end of the article:
    “The iPhone isn’t as flexible as some others, and Milanesi bristled at things Apple wouldn’t let her do, such as set custom tones for incoming text messages, a common tweak in Europe.

    “But then you kind of get used to it, and you don’t miss it,” she says. “You kind of think that that’s for your own good.”

    This actually says it all. Use the iPhone and you discover that so many of the “features” touted by other phones are unnecessary fluff that actually complicate your life, not simplify it. Maybe my iPhone’s camera isn’t 10 megapixels but I use it all the time because it’s so damn easy. Outside of some elements of the iPhone, many that are being rectified in iOS 4, the iPhone just handles most necessary functions easier. That’s worth more to me than a laundry list of “features” that regularly elicit annoyance when you attempt to use them. Who needs that?

  6. I’m stunned that anyone would think that AP would put out anything without the slant they’ve come to adopt; they now have a very pronounced agenda showing in nearly all of their releases. I’d already stopped looking at their lines quite a while ago.

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