Apple continues to lock resellers out of iPad sales

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Apple’s iPad is available for pre-ordering [in the UK], but only via Apple’s own stores, not its retail partners,” John Oates reports for Channel Register. “Even Apple’s approved resellers are not allowed to take deposits or pre-orders from customers keen to try and lay hands on the genius-tablet.”

Oates reports, “We were contacted by irritated Apple dealers, and passed on their questions to Apple: is it likely there will be shortages at launch so you have been forced to restrict supply? Or does Apple believe it will sell enough directly through its own stores?”

“We asked an Apple spokeswoman for answers,” Oates reports. “She suggested we read the Apple press release which talks about ‘select Apple resellers.’ At the time of writing she has been unable to tell us who these resellers are in the UK.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Pre-order at Apple Store online or swing around and try your luck at an Apple Retail Store like we’ve done in the U.S. Until supply catches up with demand, don’t look for iPads to be sold “everywhere.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]


  1. Got mine from MacConnection on time. Ordered my 64 GB +3G Saturday April 3rd which shipped Thursday April 29. Received Wednesday May 5th. Camera Connection kit arrives tomorrow. Case arrived in early April. So clearly some American third party Authorized Apple resellers are taking orders & getting product to sell.

  2. Yet more restrictive trade practices from Apple. They seem to want all of us dealers to die a slow death. Their behaviour, via changes to policies, procedures, business practices and rules that we have to follow but not their own stores, makes us look like second class citizens rather than the valued business partners that we are. It’s all Apple retail all of the time. An honourable company would at least offer to buy us out rather than choke off our air supply.

    This year it’s no iPad marketing or pre-orders for the select dealers that we’re allowed to sell iPads. Last year, they were originally not going to sell Mac mini server via the dealer channel (a product clearly designed for the SMB market, a market that they SAY they want us to pursue with vigour). Two years ago, most dealers didn’t get Leopard for launch day – plan events at Apple’s request, invite customers, spend money on such activities only to end up with NO product for launch day. Three years ago we were denied the iPod red products. I could go on but you get my drift.

    Love the product. Hate the company.

  3. I have had mine on order now for 7 working days with no email coming back as of yet, that it has shipped. Site says shipping in 5 to 7 working days. Tough spot to be in for Apple with too much demand for a product that became more popular than expected.

  4. That’s exactly what I would do if I ran Apple. Sell it’s brand new, smoking hot product at someone else’s store so they can get a cut of the profits? Not. Gonna. Happen. This isn’t rocket science.

  5. “Comment from: montex: That’s exactly what I would do if I ran Apple. Sell it’s brand new, smoking hot product at someone else’s store so they can get a cut of the profits? Not. Gonna. Happen. This isn’t rocket science.”

    Yeah. Who was there holding the flag high when they were in the doldrums? And we’re not talking just any stores. We’re talking about Apple authorized dealers, you know, Apple’s BUSINESS PARTNERS. Wow. Your ignorance of business and sales channels is appalling but, given the state of our educational system, not surprising. As for profits, I guess you think that dealers get a big fat margin. NOT!

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