Poof! RIM’s vaporous Android-powered tablet evaporates

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Add Research In Motion to the list of tech shops rethinking its tablet strategy,” Scott Moritz reports for TheStreet.

“The BlackBerry maker had hoped to offer a Google Android-powered tablet later this year, but has now backed off the plan, says Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar, who has been monitoring the supplier and manufacturing partners,” Moritz reports. “The so-called BlackPad RIM tablet is being pushed out to early next year, he says.”

Moritz reports, “The move marks the third time in two weeks that a would-be tablet maker has shelved product preparations aimed at challenging the Apple iPad. Last week, Hewlett-Packard(HPQ) pulled the plug on its Slate tablet and Microsoft(MSFT) reportedly withdrew plans for the Courier device.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bloodbath.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “JES42,” “Jersey_Trader,” and “Robert S.” for the heads up.]


  1. I bought my 3G 32GB Friday. I will never need to purchase a laptop. I will continue to have desktop computers at home. This device will make the laptop/notebook a niche product.

    The desktop computer will again be center stage of the home.

  2. WOW! It has an app for evapor..–Ohhhhhhhh…you mean they’re scrapping the project.

    Man you gotta love Apple. They really know what people want–even before people know what they want.

    I can’t wait for:

    iReligion (Code Name iAtheist)
    and the killer app of killer apps…


  3. The (not so) hidden message behind all of these delays? “We didn’t realize how poorly designed our plans were until we got a chance to see the iPad. Now that we have the iPad in hand, we’re going back to the drawing board so that we can do our best to copy everything about it (like we did with the iPhone) before putting out our sure-to-be-inferior versions a few years from now (just in time to be outdone again by the iPad 2.0).”

  4. @Dotar Sojat

    Speaking of iPad 2.0 – how long do we have to wait to find out what Steve held back so we will all rush over and buy a few more of these since the ones we first bought are now in the same category as these non-Apple tablets that have been declared to be so lousy.

  5. What do they have to rethink? Haven’t all of these companies claimed to have been working on their tablets for years? Besides they have the latest version of Windoze. All the iPad has is a “phone” operating system, no contest!

  6. How stupid are these companies? The iPad is obviously more than just a big iPod touch, but in terms of figuring out what they had to compete with it’s a good enough description. They must have known it would essentially be a more powerful iPod touch but with a bigger screen, a similar OS with tweaks specific to the device. As a minimum they new where they had to get to. Instead all these companies seems to have ignored the iPhone OS entirely and been hoping to cobble together something that is essentially the same as everything else that had previously failed.

  7. I don’t see how RIM delaying their expected product launch until next year means it’s been discontinued. Granted, that could just be a prelude to it outright getting canned, but it could also mean snags in design, R&D;, the supply chain, etc.

  8. Two things, first, why is BB using Android? Second, what is making these companies rethink their plans? Yes, we know that HP and Microsort using W7 is a non-starter as the battery life will suck, but why is BB not using Android? it’s a mobile OS.

  9. I agree – Dotar Sojat – excellent point.

    Why Apple let other copy the iPhone so closely… perhaps the iPad has always been the tool Apple had been working towards.

    We now see Apple strengthening it’s position to protect it’s devices and market – mostly since the introduction of the iPad, and specifically the updates in iPhoneOS4 is for :

    – denying developers to deploy to Android – games and apps,
    – filtering out the need for Flash in HTML5 – Steve’s letter is clear
    – taking a stand against Ogg Thora – an alternative video format

    This market has been home grown from the belly’s of dedicated Apple people who saw a dream and materialized it. And the eco-system, the digital hub it was once described as, has evolved extremely well and these recent moves product the devices and the system.

    Furthermore, these moves — differentiate Apple devices from is copy-cat competitors. Protecting the efficiency, the security, the functionality and it’s future. Rather then suing the copy-cats but stopping them from further progress.

    They have taken far too much already… but Apple knows how to handle Apple’s future. Steve Jobs is not a one man shop – he listens to the customers and his team at Apple.

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