meridianEMR launches patient check-in system for Apple iPad

invisibleSHIELD case for iPadmeridianEMR, Inc., a leading provider of electronic health records systems and advanced healthcare analytics for urology and surgical practices, has announced the launch of a new feature-rich patient check-in system that takes full advantage of the iPad’s user friendly touch screen, pleasing graphics, and efficiency.

According to Michael Custode, CEO of meridianEMR, Inc., patients of all ages can enter personal data such as patient demographics, medications, family, medical and surgical history through this highly secured and HIPAA compliant application with ease and accuracy.

“One of our most important priorities is to make patients partners in their own care and this is exactly what the system does. By delivering information and services to both physicians and patients in a variety of ways, a full functioning patient portal helps maintain a seamless communication between a patient and physician while improving the overall office efficiency,” said Custode in the press release.

The application can easily be accessed through the physician’s web site, so patients can enter their data, as well as check lab results and other clinical information, prior to any office visit. This measure saves time and money for physicians and staff, while providing patients with a better office visit.

“Physicians are looking for new and innovative ways to improve the speed and efficiency of office operations. Our patient check-in system is a perfect example on how new technology is reshaping the medical world. By running on an iPad directly, the check-in system avoids performance issues forced by the remote desktop software that our competitors need to use,” added Custode.

meridianEMR will be offering “live” demonstrations of their urology specific products at the American Urological Association (AUA) 2010 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, May 29 – June 1, at booth #3335. Representatives from meridianEMR will be on-hand to answer all questions about the patient check-in system and all other components of their urologyEHR.

More info here.

Source: meridianEMR, Inc.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. On a serious note:

    My doctor’s office has been using small Windows notebooks in the consulting room for years – long before such units were called netbooks. The computer is used to pull up patient history, test results, etc. A key feature is the microphone, used for dictating notes (to be typed later by others). Someone will need to make a microphone for the iPad for this application to move to the iPad. (Yes, technically not too difficult, but required.)

  2. @qka

    You mean, like the microphone already built in to the iPad? Or maybe the iPod headsets with built in microphone, or possibly a bluetooth headset with built in microphone?

  3. @qka,

    If you don’t have Dragon Dictation on your iPhone and iPad you are not using anywhere near the potential of these devices. This is an awesome pice of software that makes the iPhone and iPad really flexible and keyboard even more superfluous.

  4. I don’t have an iPad nor have I had a chance to try one (my local Apple Store is 1 1/2 hours away), so I’m not familiar with all it’s features. A built in microphone would be required; I don’t see doctors farking around with a dangly cabled microphone.

    As for a system to be used in a medical office, some company is going to have to do all the system integration. parts of the system , like Dragon Dication, may exist, but the have to be integrated into a total solution package. Doctors just want the system to work, reliably and without hassles. Their time is just too valuable.

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