FOX News: Apple’s new iPad 3G is the superior iPad

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“The wait for the new 3G iPad is finally over. I have my hands on the new 64GB Wi-Fi 3G model as I write this, complete with a $30-a-month data plan from AT&T,” Clayton Morris reports for

“After month one of hopping in and out of Wi-Fi hotspots using the Wi-Fi only version, I can safely say the 3G functionality dramatically changes the way I use this device,” Morris reports. “Let there be no doubt, the new 3G is superior.”

Morris reports, “The bottom line, if you’re considering an iPad purchase and you plan to take it outside of your house for any length of time, be it the park, the bus, the train, or the Internet free zone at the grandparents’ house, the always connected 3G is the sure way to go. Without the Internet, the iPad is a severely handicapped device. Trust me, you’re going to want the Internet. After all, this is the best Internet browsing device I’ve ever used.”

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  1. Just like gas in your car tank is important if you want to go any where… Yea , I get it.

    But some people who want to read books, play games, etc do not need to be in the internet ALL THE TIME… so for them, if they have a good wireless coffee shop along the way and maybe a McDonalds or two, they may not need 100% connection to the internet.

    Just a thought,

  2. I’ve had my iPad since April 10. I plan to buy a 3G iPad as soon as they are available in Canada. Even though I don’t take it away from home much, the times I have have shown me how important that connection is. I’ll sell my current one.

  3. “Comment from: LeftCoastDude
    Fox News does real research? I’m shocked. Just shocked.”

    Yes, yes they do and always have. But then the truth always shocks you ideologues.

  4. Yeah, the New York Times, Newsweek, Boston Globe, Time, Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, et al., do all the REAL research in this country, huh?

    Sure they do . . . and it begins and ends right at the current White House door. Propaganda, thy name is “Main Stream Media.”

  5. Yeah, the political stuff is a bit ridiculous here, people. Seriously, here’s an opinion piece that is well written, informative, and insightful, and we have to bash it simply because it came from Fox News? Don’t get me wrong, I think Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly are morons that are enabling people to stay stupid. Both of their shows are painful to watch. I’m not defending the political side of Fox News in any way. But this piece is apolitical. Let’s keep it that way.

  6. I got my 3G/GPS version and, for my part I have used the GPS the most so far. It works great on th big screen but I am looking forward to more/better/improved apps.

  7. *falls out of chair in shock…

    So Fox has concluded that the exact same product with a few added tech specs and a higher price tag is a superior product. Amazing! Lets give these Columbia grads a hand. Pulizter prize-winning stuff, this.

    I guess it’s hard to be racist about a product made by a bunch of white guys…And the iPad itself is black on one side, white on the other…. So in this one, they really are fair and balanced. Never mind the fact that a 3 year old could have deduced that since the iPad 3G is just an iPad with more stuff in it, its better, but hey, its Fox, the bar is low. Wasilla Community College low.

  8. He also does a weekly tech show on the web, and is considered the go to guy on tech at Fox!

    The general fox viewers are not tech savey, and he really is an apple fan! So his plugging apple on fox is a great thing! And if you did spend some time watching Fox you would see many Apple products being used

  9. What I think is important to note is buyers have a choice. If you need to connect all the time, take long trips, whatever then get the 3G – you’ll love it. If you want to read books, play some games, use it near a hotspot – buy the wi-fi only, you’ll love it (and not pay for functionality you don’t want/need)

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