Profits surge at iPhone chipmaker ARM; CEO ‘very excited’ over iPad, dismisses Apple takeover rumor

New Arrivals Catalog Cover“ARM Holdings, the Cambridge [UK] company, which designs microchips for 98% of the world’s mobile phones, said a record 1.4bn of its chips were shipped in the three months to the end of March, helping push pre-tax profits up 98% to £26m on sales up 20% to $143m (£92m),” Rupert Neate reports for The Telegraph.

“Warren East, chief executive, said the inexorable rise of smartphones, such as the iPhone, BlackBerries and phones running Google’s Android operating system, were the main drivers behind the company’s success,” Neate reports. “ARM is also benefiting from the increasing adoption of mobile phone technology in other electronic devices, notably Apple’s new iPad personal computer. Mr East said he was ‘very excited’ about the iPad, which is due to launch in the UK at the end of May, because it may revoluitonsie the whole personal computing market.”

“‘The iPhone acted as a great stimulus to encourage competitors to develop products to beat the iPhone,’ he said. ‘The iPad looks like it has set the competitive bar again, and will stimulate people to do a lot of other creative things.’ Mr East dismissed rumours that Apple may be planning a £3bn takeover of the company,” Neate reports.

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