Nokia attempts to take on Apple iPhone, unveils new flagship phone model

New Arrivals Catalog Cover“Nokia Oyj unveiled details of its first phone with new Symbian 3 software on Tuesday, designed to challenge the iPhone and Blackberry at the high-end of the market,” Tarmo Virki reports for Reuters. “Last week Nokia cut its profit outlook and delayed the sales launch of Symbian 3 phones until the third quarter — sending its shares sharply lower.”

Virki reports, “The new N8 flagship model will have a 12 megapixel camera and 3.5-inch touch screen and will retail for 370 euros ($493), excluding subsidies and taxes, Nokia said in a press release.”

MacDailyNews Take: Our gut instinct screams “failure!” If you look at our history of predictions, that’s not a good thing for Nokia. Not at all. The ridiculous 12-megapixel camera is what a desperate firm does in order to try to hide their systemic and pervasive failures. Nokia is very, very late to the party. Other firms, and one in particular, have patent portfolios that preclude Nokia from legally producing a competitive mobile operating system with a multitouch user interface. The odds of Nokia out-innovating Apple are infinitely long. A 1200-megapixel camera wouldn’t be able to hide Nokia’s software inferiorities.

Virki continues, “Nokia, which has yet to show the actual phone to journalists or analysts, is counting on the new software to start clawing back market share lost to Nokia’s new rivals. Nokia lacks a top-range model to challenge Apple’s iPhone three years after its launch. Its last high-end hit phone was the N95, which was unveiled in 2006.”

“The first review of the new phone, published by Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin — who has a strong track record of scooping unveiled Nokia phones — slammed the new model,” Virki reports. “‘It’s the same as it was before with the same sauce, but with small changes in functionality,’ Murtazin wrote [for]”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nokia’s too late. The valuable IP work has already been done and it’s owned by other firms; most of it by one in particular. The paradigm shifted, the earth cracked, and Nokia was left standing there on the wrong side, blinking, wide-eyed, and gasping for breath. Beyond pulling a Google and blatantly infringing on Apple’s IP, Nokia’s best bet is to focus on being a low-end commodity handset maker while looking for new opportunities in other markets where they can get out front, instead of vainly trying to catch up while being hopelessly being lapped by others. Maybe kitchen equipment or iPhone accessories, something? If they were smart, they would have bought Palm for webOS, before Palm’s massively underfunded ineptitude tarnished the brand beyond repair. Even then, though, they wouldn’t have had much of a chance as they were already too late. Apple’s iPhone OS platform was already far too strong. As long as they continue to fruitlessly to catch iPhone, things are just going to get worse for Nokia.


  1. Why do they bother? Releasing failure after failure just burns any goodwill they have left. Eventually they’ll announce a new product and no one will care.

    Oh wait. That just happened.

  2. 12 MPixel is just plain useless with these small sensors: the (physical) pixel size becomes sooooo small, that it (logically) cannot capture almost any light, thus needs high amplification, which in turn simply results in more noise.

    12 MP only makes sense in a full-frame (or 1.33 cropped) sensor, which you find in (semi)-professional DSLR’s.

    Even for a compact camera, anything beyond 6MP actually does not contribute to quality, only to specs – but to put that in a mobile phone… It just does not make any sense…

    MDN Magic Word: turned, like in ‘yet another iPhone killer turned down’

  3. “We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent smart phone,” he said. “cell phone guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.'”

  4. NOKIA, throw in a hair dryer there and that POS will sell like hot pancakes! Imagine a SuperDuperSmartyPants phone with a mini hair dryer for those who don’t like hotel built in ones. Or if its broken. No wait, how about a SuperDuperSmartyPantsy phone with a built in SHAVER! Yeah. 56MP camera and a built in shaver/trimmer. That will sell.

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