Arizona’s Pima County to outfit deputies with 200 Apple iPhones

Apple Online Store “The Pima County Sheriff’s Department will start using a popular gadget to help deputies communicate with each other and track criminals,” Jamar Younger reports for The Arizona Daily Star. “The department has entered into a two-year contract with AT&T to receive about 200 iPhones that will be distributed to deputies.”

“Deputies will be able to do more than make calls, download program applications, send text messages and surf the Internet,” Younger reports. “The phones will come equipped with a special application called Coplink, which will allow deputies to access information on suspects and their mug shots.”

Younger reports, “Deputies will have access to data such as a suspect’s previous arrests, case records, crime statistics and Google Earth, which will help with investigations and initial response times, said Lt. Michael O’Connor, commander of the department’s violent-crimes and targeted-offenders unit.”

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MacDailyNews Note: 25,000! Whew!

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  1. Coplink will be instrumental in their work to ferret out illegal aliens.

    Using Apple’s Faces technology they can better identify the brown people who believe in Deja Vu.

  2. I thoroughly endorse legal immigration into the U.S. regardless of race or religion.

    I also believe that illegal aliens should pay the penalties proscribed by law.

    Enforcing the law is not racism or any other kind of “ism.”

    If you are here illegally, leave. Come back into the country when and if you are legally able.

    Congrats, MacDailyNews on hitting the 25K milestone!

  3. “Arizona’s Pima County to outfit deputies with 200 Apple iPhones”

    Gosh – I have difficulty focussing on 2 iphones, if, for instance trying to get ‘bump’ to work properly – goodness knows what I’d do with 200 of them – where would they put them all?

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  4. @Jim: Arresting a brown-skinned truck driver with three valid government issued IDs because he didn’t have a birth certificate with him IS RACISM.

    Do you carry your birth certificate with you? Will your birth certificate fit in your wallet?

    @MDN: C’mon who is the Pima County Sheriff kidding, have you ever tried to get AT&T;service in Pima County outside of the Phoenix exurbs of Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, and Queen Creek?

  5. This would sound good except for the fact that AT&T;is particularly weak in the rural areas. In Tucson City limits and along I-10 it should work fine, but the Sheriff’s Deputies work mostly our in the county where the AT&T;phones are just bricks. I know because I live thee.

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