Borough President Markowitz loves his iPad – now he wants a Brooklyn Apple Store

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Borough President Markowitz has been pushing for an Apple store in the borough for years, and now he’s hoping to solidify his allegiance to the company — by gloating to Steve Jobs on his brand new iPad,” Andy Campbell reports for The Brooklyn Paper.

“Yes, Marty Markowitz has an iPad and you don’t,” Campbell reports. “‘It’s time to bring the goods to the real market,’ Markowitz wrote in an e-mail to Jobs (on the newfangled, book-sized, touch-screen device, of course) on Thursday. ‘Let’s make ‘Apple Brooklyn’ the ultimate prototype store — one that changes the game yet again.'”

Campbell reports, “Markowitz is onto something in saying that an Apple store in the borough — with its hipsters, musicians and iPhones galore — would be a game-changer. But he only scratched the surface of the store’s value in his e-mail to Jobs.”

“After all, at least 30 percent of the visitors to Brooklyn’s most-important award-winning news site — um, the one you’re reading right now [The Brooklyn Paper] — are Mac users, a rate of Apple picking that is triple the national average,” Campbell reports. “Mac-master Jobs hasn’t responded to the Beep’s e-mail yet, but Apple retailers have been looking at the borough for a long time.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Queens needs an Apple Store also!!!!!
    Manhattan and Long Island has three each!!!
    Come on Apple… how long is long time?
    Millions are waiting right here.
    The Apple Stores are becoming tourist sites yet local Mac owners and new users really needs them.
    AAPL stock will be going to $300 plus with in six months. BUY ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. yes, but if brooklyn gets one then the bronx and staten island will want one, and where will it end?! maybe nyc should go back to pre-1900 and brooklyn would be its own city again (3rd or so largest in the country i think?).

  3. We in the nation’s capital are still waiting for our first Apple Store. The Georgetown store design was finally approved last year, but no opening date yet. Even when it *does* open, I’ll likely still turn to other stores. Georgetown isn’t Metro-accessible, and there’s no place to park. (Dupont Circle or Metro Center would have made more sense)

  4. I admit that when Apple announced its plans to build retail stores I thought it was crazy. Gateway stores were failing left and right. Internet sales for electronics gear were taking off and seemed the future. Yet here we with communities and local politicians begging Apple for a store of their own. I’m still amazed. The Apple Stores are quite a story of success against all odds.

  5. @theloniousMac

    NYC is divided into boroughs (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, etc), most people already know those names. What they don’t realize is that each borough is a government subdivision of the city government, each with it’s own administration and such. So a borough president is simply the president of that particular borough’s government.

  6. If an Apple store is going anywhere in Brooklyn, it’ll be Park Slope.

    Here’s how it is in Bklyn: Williamsburg – full of hipsters, but with no money; Cobble HIill – full of hipsters, for those who can’t afford Park Slope; and then there’s Park Slope – full of hipsters with boat loads of money and made it creatives such as authors, TV stars, designers and media types of all stripes.

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