Apple iPhone takes 72% of Japan smartphone market

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Apple Inc.’s iPhone shipments to Japan more than doubled in the past year, capturing 72 percent of the country’s smartphone market, a research firm said,” Pavel Alpeyev and Yoshinori Eki report for Bloomberg.

MacDailyNews Take: A shout rings down the cavernous halls of the palatial MacDailyNews headquarters: “Quick, somebody get Brian X. Chen on the horn!“

Alpeyev and Eki report, “Taiwan’s HTC Corp. was the second-largest seller of smartphones in Japan with 11 percent of the market, followed by Toshiba Corp.’s 6.8 percent, Tokyo-based MM Research Institute Ltd. said in a report yesterday.”

“The MM estimates indicate Japan accounted for about 5.6 percent of iPhones sold worldwide last fiscal year,” Alpeyev and Eki report. “While the Cupertino, California-based electronics maker doesn’t break down the number iPhones sold by country, Japan’s portion of total revenue climbed to 6.6 percent in the latest quarter, the highest since 2006, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. holy shite
    that market is among the fussiest group of technophiles around
    futurists look to Tokyo citizens for trends in lifestyle
    wait to see what Asian buyers will do with their 3G iPad, kids.

  2. “While the Cupertino, California-based electronics maker doesn’t break down the number iPhones sold by country.”

    For competition reasons, this discrete information is not reported to the public. In order to level the playing field, all companies would have to report details. Of course Apple is able, and does, report sales, margins, etc. by country to management, but not to the public. It’s just grouped together in the financial statements as allowed under generally accepted accounting principles, and for competition reasons, detailed info. is not reported to the public.

  3. Assuming Apple have sold 25MM iPhones (a rough estimate) in the last year and 5.6 % iPhones were sold in Japan, then the actual # of iPhones sold in the last 12 month was ~1.5MM.

    Not too shabby. I see RIMM is nowhere to be seen.

  4. But how do you define “smartphone” in Japan? Even the dumb phones are incredibly smart. In 2005 the phone I got in Japan had two-way video chat. Tons of “dumb” phones have features that the iPhone and other US “smartphones” lack, like digital over-the-air 1-seg TV and built-in digital wallets. I really don’t think that this “smartphone” statistic means very much, although it’s great that Apple has doubled its shipments.

  5. Japanese users buy what is popular at the moment. They’re fickle, not picky consumers.

    You just need a few famous people to brandish one and then half the country goes out to buy it.

    Apple is currently associated with “cool”

    Tomorrow, it could be different.

  6. Hey! Remember that Wired article that said the Japanese hates the iPhone? This so called writer actually ruined someones career in Japan with that piece. You guys remember that?

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