Paul Thurrott: Steve Jobs is a tool

Paul Thurrott has posted his “Hands-On First Impressions” of his 16GB Apple iPad Wi-Fi:

• “My iPad arrived a few hours ago, so I loaded it up with some apps and checked it out quickly. So far, it’s not all that impressive.”
• “I still disagree, and strongly, with some of the first generation limitations–like the lack of dual cameras and the non-widescreen display–but overall it’s a decent device.”
• “16 GB isn’t 16 GB with the iPad, it’s 14 GB. That’s a big difference when you’re talking about a small pool of storage.”
• “The device is far heavier than expected, and heavier than it looks. It is literally a big iPod touch. In fact, if anything it’s too big. Why isn’t this widescreen? It’s so obvious.”

MacDailyNews Take: While the rest of his blather falls into the usual joke category, Thurrott’s “widescreen” comment deserves comment: iPad’s total screen aspect ratio is not “widescreen,” but the device is perfectly capable of playing back “widescreen” video and does so with aplomb. Thurrott’s criticism of iPad for giving users extra screen real estate at the top and bottom for all those times when they’re not watching “widescreen” video is stupider than his “normal” biased anti-Apple idiocy.

• “I hate not having a case on this thing. It gets smudged just from the air, it seems.”
• “The default wallpaper is ugly; worse yet, the meteor shower it depicts looks like screen scratches, causing a momentary bit of panic.”
• “More later in the review, I guess. Is this thing even worth reviewing?”

And, Thurrott’s pièce de résistance:

• “Anyone who believes this thing is a game changer is a tool.”

“It feels great to have the iPad launched into the world—it’s going to be a game changer.”Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, April 5, 2010

MacDailyNews Take: Who to believe, who to believe… the man who’s changed the world via multiple technological paradigm shifts or a sad sack who shills for perennial Apple follower Microsoft?


  1. He did have sone decent points. The weight is an issue for some. I agree on the camera issue.

    A huge part of the iPad story hasn’t even been written yet: third party apps. They will truly define this device.

  2. what the EFF is this guy talking about, NOT WIDESCREEN? what an idiot! And for the rest of you, cut the crap talk about the lack of a camera already, how is that a deal breaker, don’t you own a camera?

  3. @ silver surfer

    Be my guest and wait… people that wait think it stops at the next generation, when are you going to learn that you’ll never catch up or stay ahead of the curve. You’re only depriving yourself.

  4. Hey, he apparently bought one, so he’s contributing to Apple’s success. Since it shipped before Saturday, his iPod is even one of the DAY ONE 300,000. So Paul, Apple thanks you…

  5. Actually, it is 16GB – but they have to put the OS and the default apps somewhere so it come out at 14.8.

    Guess what, my 32GB touch is only 29.56GB – yet somehow I survive. And my 500GB LaCie drive is only 465.8GB when it’s formatted.


  6. Paradigm shifts?! Can someone say Apple printers, scanners, cameras, and Newtons? Apple isn’t a stranger to failed or discontinued devices. It all boils down to what the public wants. Don’t be a typical fanboi, MDN, everyone wants Apple to succeed, not everyone will like their products and they’re definitely entitled to their own opinions, especially those who are technically critical.

  7. I have some advice for Thurott: Take some of the medicine your doctor and family members are always begging you not to forget, and then get into some comfortable clothing.

    Dim the lights, and then put your feet up on the comfiest recliner in your house.

    Then hit the little home button at the bottom, unlock the device and breath a nice long sigh. Then begin. Surf the web. Watch a movie. Listen to some music. Enjoy a game. Perhaps just peruse those 1,000+ new apps to see if there’s something you like.

    Stop looking at it as a device with “features” and just enjoy it for what it is — the most relaxing way to consume virtually any kind of media ever.

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