Telltale brings game catalog to Apple Mac

Apple StoreDigital publisher Telltale Inc. is bringing its lineup of games to Mac. First up was with the critically-acclaimed pirate adventure “Tales of Monkey Island,” a title praised by OC Weekly as the “Best Series Revival” of the year and included in “Top Games of 2009” roundups by PALGN,,, and Gamasutra. In their review of Tales of Monkey Island, Gamespot called the series “… a lengthy adventure that’s easy to enjoy and easy on your wallet, sure to please both newcomers and veteran insult swordfighters alike.”

Now, Telltale’s “Sam and Max” is on the way by popular vote. One price gets you both the PC and Mac version from Telltale’s website, and if you’ve bought the PC version through them, you can download it for Mac right away!

The Mac version will also be included on the “Tales of Monkey Island Collector’s DVD,” so you can enjoy it without all the hassle. Let the game be an adventure, not the installation.

“Telltale’s built up an outstanding catalog of content over the years, and we’re looking forward to getting the games to this community to further enrich the increasingly growing, vibrant and technically outstanding Mac platform,” said Telltale CEO Dan Connors, in the press release. “We’re big fans of Apple’s technology and devices, and we’re looking forward to building further from here.”

As part of the revolution, new Telltale customers will get both Mac and PC versions of the multi-platform games with a single purchase. Any customers that have bought these titles from Telltale in the past can download the Mac version for no additional charge.

In the five years since Telltale’s founding, the company’s top caliber internal studio has created and launched more than 30 titles so far on Xbox LIVE Arcade, Nintendo WiiWare and PC. The move to Mac further extends the company’s commitment to bringing gaming excellence to the largest possible audiences.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Leonardo V.” for the heads up.]


  1. all this video game talk is making me want a new video card…

    and the Nvideo GEForce GTX 285 look fscking bad ass! (it’s $500 though…) should I go for it?

  2. Got Monkey Island as part of the recent MacHeist Nano deal.

    $20 – and there were other apps I was interested in beyond Monkey Island.

    I guess now I’ll make a point of checking it out.

  3. Anyone hear a swishing sound?

    Oh, that’s the sound of developers abandoning Windows for the Mac.

    BTW, when I bought my first Mac in 1984 I didn’t think it would take a freakin’ 25+ years for the best machine to win.

  4. That’s not surprising. In the last years, many new games came out exclusively on playstation, xbox or wii. The game companies don’t invest lots of money anymore in the pc platform – too much piracy. Mac users are known to be willing to pay for software.

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