Windows Phone 7 Series: No multitasking for third-party apps

Apple Online Store“The new Windows Phone 7 platform will avoid multitasking third-party apps, nix support for user-replaceable memory cards, and demand that all apps be installed from Windows Phone Marketplace, a Microsoft executive said Monday,” Sascha Segan reports for PC Magazine.

“Charlie Kindel, who is in charge of Microsoft’s Windows Phone developer strategy, described a much more controlled, iPhone-like experience for formerly freewheeling Microsoft in an interview at the MIX10 conference here,” Segan reports. “Microsoft needed to exercise some control to provide a great set of consumer experiences, Kindel said.”

Segan reports, “Like the iPhone, Windows Phone 7 won’t support third-party apps being able to run in the background. But third parties will get access to a wider range of services than are available on the iPhone. For instance, Pandora could stream in the background using a special background-music service, Kindel said.”

MacDailyNews Take: Gee, wonder what iPhone OS 4.0 might bring to iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users come June? And, Sascha, third-party apps can already stream in the background on iPhone. It’s up to Pandora to implement the capability, not Apple.

Segan continues, “Those third-party apps will all have to be installed from Microsoft’s own Marketplace, Kindel said. Initially, there won’t even be a way for enterprise customers to deploy apps to their staffs, but Microsoft is working on one.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple forced Microsoft back to square one; Redmond is years behind.

Segan continues, “The first Windows Phone 7 devices will come out during ‘the holidays’ of 2010, Kindel confirmed.”

MacDailyNews Take: And nobody in their right mind will buy one. There is no need (see: Palm) for yet another poor me-too iPhone imitation (unless Apple’s protection of their hard-earned IP retards Google’s Android to the point where some other fake iPhone OS is needed by device assemblers).

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Windows Phone 7 Series. Upside-down, backwards, and lacking in order to avoid infringing on Apple’s patented user-friendly UI methods, with far fewer accessories, way less third-party support, about 150,000 fewer apps, no iTunes, no iTunes Store, no built-in iPod (you get stuck with a Zune instead), and no cachet. All for about the same price or more. No sale.


  1. come on MDN. the iPhone is NOT 5 years ahead of the competition anymore. the UI seems dated already. having to pop into an app, close that app, return to home screen, open new app, repeat, is getting old. yet, this is the OS for the ‘amazing’ iPad.

    my friend has a droid and its interface is pretty freaking slick. lets not kid ourselves here.

  2. If iPhone were available on Verizon, there would be much less room for WP7S, or for Android.

    There is a big window of opportunity for a workable modern “smartphone” OS on Verizon.

    If Apple and iPhone could get together…….

    Sprint and T-Mobil etc. should be part of the game too.

  3. @mike g

    Why would you support a company like Moto?

    They were cool many years agoe. Today? Come on, they don’t know which way to go. Sell all their divisions or connect them. It has all been up in air for quite a few years now.

  4. I hope limited multitasking is coming and I’m sure Apple is working on more cool features.

    It’s not about UI. It’s about the whole UE user experience, of a rock solid OS, that I don’t have to reboot for months.

    And it just works. Yeah Apple is way ahead on this.

  5. the iphone ui gets old and windows phone 7 (as much as i hate so admit it) looks very interesting. we need some serious innovation for iphone os 4 here. as much as i like the ipad (i will surely get one) i was a little bit shocked when i saw the home screen.

  6. “Come on MDN. the iPhone is NOT 5 years ahead of the competition anymore.”

    Maybe not 5 years ahead of Android — which borrowed a “running start” from Apple in the UI department — but it would seem they’re still 5 years ahead of Microsoft.

    By the time Windows Phone 7 (basically Microsoft’s v1.0) hits the streets, we’ll almost be at iPhone v5.0).

    Windows Phone 7 won’t have cut-copy-paste, background apps, or many apps to speak of generally. Where will Apple be?

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