Apple pares remote Final Cut staff as key figure departs

Apple Store“Apple has reportedly laid off 40 of its Final Cut employees, as earlier reported by AE Portal News. The cuts were apparently focused on remote teams based in the Los Angeles and Austin areas,” Jonny Evans reports for Distorted-Loop.

“The report emanated originally from Adobe After Effects programmer, Pete Warden,” Evans reports.

“While the cuts could represent the end of an upgrade development cycle, as the next version upgrade of Final Cut is likely in preparation even now, Warden’s report reveals one key element that suggests more major losses,” Evans reports. “Warden reveals, ‘Doyle Rockwell is leaving. He’s been a driving force behind Apple’s professional video products like Motion and Final Cut Pro for the last 8 years, but since he recently moved from LA to Austin to be closer to family, he’s fallen prey to some job cuts focused on off-site employees.'”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Final Cut is sorely in need of improvements in many areas. First of all, it needs to be 64-bit. Secondly, it needs to work better with Spaces. There is a laundry-list of other issues I have with the program, but this isn’t the proper forum for that…

    While this move is a little unsettling, maybe the progress of this application has been slower than Apple would have liked, and is making this move to shake things up and create momentum…

    fingers crossed

  2. Final Cut Question:
    I use Premiere all the time but have been trying to learn Final Cut. How can I get FC to play the timeline without having to constantly render videos? If I render a video and then move it to another location I have to do it again and again which really hampers workflow. In Premiere you don’t have to render until the end and is the major reason I haven’t completely switched to FC.


  3. @ Random Query:

    It depends on the type of codec your video clips are encoded with and also the way your FCP Sequence settings. You want to match those up. Ideally, use Apple’s Pro Res codec and you get realtime editing with no rendering on the timeline and the clip files themselves will also be high quality.

  4. I prefer After Effects… some very simple things like text are a huge pain in the ass in final cut.. Maybe its cause I use illustrator and photoshop a lot.. so its like using those… but with keyframes and effects..

  5. Does anyone have any background information on the history of those “remote” dev teams (i.e. non-Cupertino based)? How did they come to be? I know FCP was originally purchased from MacroMedia, which is in San Francisco, so who exactly was in LA (and Austin), and what were they doing there? Motion? Shake?

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