Savant: Apple’s iPad will redefine home automation

“Since Apple unveiled its iPad, custom electronics professionals have had questions, especially to what could be a potentially major application of the new device,” Tom LeBlanc reports for Electronic Home.

“‘When we look back on this two years from now, we’re going to say this was a watershed event, not just for Savant but for the industry in general,’ says Savant president Jim Carroll. He says consumers will see the iPad as having ‘the same or similar touch hardware’ to other control offerings,” LeBlanc reports. “‘This is a fundamentally different business model that we all have to adapt to,’ Carroll says. ‘I think Savant is in position No. 1 in terms of how we can apply it, how we can use it and how it fits into our total solution relative to the legacy guys.'”

“Carroll predicts the iPad, which will range between $499 and $829, will become the relatively inexpensive hardware platform for home control software,” LeBlanc reports. “Apple CEO Steve Jobs said most existing iPhone apps work with the iPad. Carroll confirms that Savant’s Rosie home control app works on the iPad.”

LeBlanc reports, “Savant, however, will soon launch a new app certified specifically for the iPad. ‘We can’t give a lot of specifics,’ Carroll says. ‘We’re going to do some pretty cool things and take advantage of the additional real estate.'”

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  1. Gold Rush II
    I sent emails to eight of my favorite iPhone app developers inquiring whether they were planning on creating iPad versions. I received six responses – all of whom enthusiastically responded that iPad versions are already in the works.

  2. Big is good apparently.

    Jobs said it a few years back when the iPhone was launched. With a programmable interface like this you can do absolutely anything. Only the developers imagination and the hardware capabilities are the limiting factors.

  3. Home automation is usually a fancy name for “turning your heater & lights on off by remote control”. There isn’t any such toggle switch that can’t fit in an ipod sized app.

    I wouldn’t sell my iphone if I were you.

  4. Two years ago over Xmas I witnessed my brother struggle (for several days) to program a top-of-the-line, all-singing, all-dancing home entertainment center controller. Set up and testing the configurations required running back and forth between the living room and the office, where a desktop Windows PC was located. It wasn’t pretty. The cost of that controller approached the base model iPad. The paradigm is shifting.

  5. My only problem with touchscreen remotes, and this goes back to the days of the Pronto, is that you have to look at them. More often than not, if I’m lying on the sofa, in bed, or just watching something in the dark; on my regular remote I know where the buttons are, I can do everything without glancing away from the screen. I’ve dumped expensive remotes because they’re just not as convenient as ones with buttons.

    I suppose this can be said for any touch based device, personally I miss being able to control my iPod from feel alone, but the overall benefits of touch on the iPhone outweigh that, I want a buttoned remote though. At least for basic functionality.

  6. @xan that’s short-sighted. You can monitor a remote baby video, security videos outside the home, unlock the front door when someone knocks, heat up a jacuzzi, adjust temp and lighting, activate security systems, in addition to have an easier interface for web apps like ordering food and grocery delivery. And of course, email and web surfing and iTunes.

  7. The future of the iPad seems to reside in the clouds of the mystery of the future.

    But some of us don’t think those clouds are that heavy, so we can actually see a lot of good stuff through them.

    This really reminds me of the excitement of when the iPhone 3G and its SDK were announced. I tried to explain to my friends just how big that was going to be.

    I’m a senior, and I never got around to getting an iPod or iPhone. . . . But you can bet your bippie that I’ll have a 3G iPad as soon as I can get my hands on one.

    I might even stand in line!

  8. ChrissyOne:
    “I just want to know… when I’m adjusting my hot tub temperature, can I listen to Pandora?!?”

    Probably not, but you can program your in tub stereo system and listen to that!!!!!!!!!! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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