Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ top six sneakiest statements

“Steve Jobs was reportedly wearing a top hat when he visited New York publishers last week. It’s a fitting lid for the Apple CEO, who can be as tricky as a magician,” Brian X. Chen writes for Wired. “Jobs has a knack for throwing off Apple watchers with his masterful misdirections.”

“Ever wonder why analysts and journalists grossly overestimated the price of the Apple tablet prior to its official announcement? Part of the reason is that Jobs had said during a 2008 earnings call that Apple could not make a $500 computer that was not a ‘piece of junk.’ That assertion lent credence to rumors that the tablet would cost $1,000,” Chen writes. “Oops. The entry-level iPad announced in January will cost: $500, at least at the low end of scale. Presumably Jobs doesn’t consider it a piece of junk.”

Chen writes, “What follows is a list of five more famously misleading quotes that Jobs pulled from his bag of tricks.”

• No Plans to Make a Tablet (iPad)
• Not Interested in the Cellphone Business (iPhone)
• People Don’t Read Any More (e-reader)
• No Movies on a Tiny Little Screen (video iPods)
• We Don’t Need to Add New Stuff (camera in iPod touch)

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  1. Time for the idiot press to stop expecting eveything handed to them on a silver platter.

    Work you parasites !

    Research , investigate , study, and learn, before you spout off everything automaticlly and based on gossip , innuendo and …oh yeah – “what he said”

  2. yeah lets see… a humungous server farm in north carolina, iPad, hmmmmm….content?

    yeah…about that, we are going to have to move you down to the basement…
    yeah..oh yeah , screw your stapler. yeah…hmmmm…

  3. Well, there’s still no camera in the iPod touch so maybe he was being honest about that statement. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. They all fell for it. LOL

    I guess all the years of bending over and letting MS have their way with them without so much of a whimper helped prepare them for stupidity. That’s okay. Let them continue to cream over anything PC/Windows POS news.

  5. He’s a flip flopper! He was against the iPad before he was for it.

    The recent sneaky statement I saw was in a crowd after the iPad unveiling someone shot Walt Mossberg asking him about how he’ll compete with Amazons lower then cost e-books. He just cryptically said the pricing would be the same, Walt asked if Apple will lower the prices and he said again the pricing will be the same. A week later Amazon was having to deal with it’s pricing.

  6. I don’t think Steve was being sneaky; I think that’s what he thought at the time. He learns like everybody else. Remember when the iPhone first came out there was no AppStore and ppl were complaining that it was too “closed.”

    The iPad will evolve quickly. There will be a lot of pressure and me-too competition. Ppl really want 2 cameras and a lot of sensors, and the uses these will engender will be phenomenal.

  7. It’s like he’s telling you what they are working on without saying it. A computer that is $500 and not a piece of junk has been their goal all along. Typical straight talk from Jobs. We can’t do it! And at that time they couldn’t, now they can.

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