Samsung launches ‘bada’ mobile operating system, ‘life changing’ Wave smartphone

Apple Online Store “Mobile phone giant Samsung launched a ‘life changing’ smartphone today to rival Apple’s all-conquering iPhone,” Ben Hurst reports for The Birmingham Mail.

MacDailyNews Take: Uh, yeah, okay. Whatever.

Hurst continues, “The Korean manufacturer is currently the world’s second largest producer of mobile phones – behind Nokia – but wants a larger share of the rapidly expanding smartphone market, which is dominated by Apple’s iPhone. When Apple launched its 3G iPhone in 2008, the American computer giant redefined the mobile phone. No longer simply a device for sending texts and making calls – the smartphone incorporated media players, the internet and sparked a trend creating hundreds of thousands of software applications – or apps – written by third party programmers.”

“Significantly, the Wave is the first handset to run Samsung’s new open source operating system (OS) Bada and features an iTunes-style apps store for downloading games, mapping, eBooks and lifestyle applications,” Hurst reports. “Bada, which means ocean in Korean, is the latest mobile phone OS to be launched in an increasingly congested market… Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, Blackberry’s RIM and the class leading open-source Symbian OS.”

MacDailyNews Take: Add Microsoft’s “Windows Phone 7 Series” and Nokia+Intel’s “MeeGo” to the pile. And the only class Symbian could lead is Special Ed.

Hurst continues, “Because the Wave is expected to undercut the iPhone’s retail price, industry experts reckon the new pretender could steal a march on Apple. Ernest Doku, mobile phone guru at, said: ‘Samsung’s Bada OS brings smartphone technology to the masses, enabling entry level handsets to offer apps, multimedia and a touchscreen experience comparable to high end devices. He added: ‘With handsets like the Wave, Samsung is providing an affordable alternative to the traditional smartphone, offering what consumers have come to expect in a phone – browsing, social networking support and an app store – at a fraction of the price.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Listen, Ernie, that line of “thinking” only offered a whiff of plausibility when the iPhone retailed for US$599. It fails utterly with Apple having had $99 models on the market for quite some time now, Mr. Guru. Sheesh.

Hurst continues, “The handset arrives in the UK in April. No official price has been announced.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: YAMOS. Every time a new mobile OS is announced an iPhone gets its wings. Once again: Stuffing the marketplace full of superfluity only benefits Apple.


  1. How much is Microsoft paying Samsung? Who can hear “bada” without thinking “bing”?

    This does feel a lot like the early days of personal computers; who remembers the Timex Sinclair, or the Commodore PET, or the Coleco Adam?

    Talk about the island of misfit toys.

  2. I guess this is how you beat Apple. Undercut the price, subsidize it with funds from a monopoly fed company, superficial UI that copies the real innovator and fool users into thinking its just like that one…. good plan

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