Macworld Expo 2010 Best of Show winners

The Macworld Expo 2010 Best of Show winners have been announced. Macworld Expo 2010 runs through February 13, 2010.

All told, there are 11 winners in 2010:
• Canson Papershow
• Carina Software SkyFi
• FastMac U-Socket
• Frolicware AutoPark
• Inrix Traffic Pro
• Kanex HDMI to Mini DisplayPort Connector
• Marketcircle Billings Touch
• Microvision ShowWX
• Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite
• SachManya Yapper
• Ten One Design Inklet

Find out about all of the winning products here.


  1. @iMaki – criticism is what makes products better, not mindless acceptance and adoration! I doubt HDMI transfers sound like HDMI to HDMI correct. I’m curious what such a cable can do since it’s the first. I guess u don’t have a clue!

  2. Kanex also had the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter that puts audio on the HDMI ouput using the Mac’s optical digital port (the headphones port when used with a special connector). To me, that was the more interesting of the products they were showing.

    On Thursday, the MacWorld Expo floor space was less than half (maybe even one-third) the total size compared to last year. But the “density” (if not total number) of people attending was higher than last year. In some places, it was hard to walk around without bumping into people. I think the exhibitors who bought booths probably found it to be worthwhile. Since many of the “big players” were not there, the smaller companies were getting more attention.

    Interestingly, the Apple-less MacWorld Expo had Microsoft, IBM, and HP.

  3. @iMaki

    Oh I have a clue, alright, and this long awaited adapter has finally arrived and everyone who owns the 27″ iMac can now plug a Blu-Ray player, xBox, or PS3 directly into their iMac, which includes audio and the HDMI to DisplayPort signal requires no upscaling.

    Speaking of mindlessness, try doing a little of your own research instead of asking stupid questions.

    “HDMI to VGA? Is that good?… I meant display port! My bad!”

    You are bad, and its spelled DisplayPort. Now go sit in a corner.

  4. @iMaki – I read a couple of your words and ignored the rest. I’m not wasting my time with Ill-mannered replies! Would u do the forum a favor, ignore what I have to say. I love Apple and believe products get better with criticism. My apologies to the forum for this distraction. Now back on topic!

  5. @iMaki

    Criticism supported by research is fine. But I’ve been reading you for months now and have decided you’re full of piss and vinegar. Don’t take my word for it, your imprint is in your words for all of MDN to see. You’re hyper-critical of Apple and some here would agree.


    I am an instigator and if we were standing face to face, I’d shake your hand for your thorough analysis. That, and four-bits will get you a date with iMaki, so you two, enjoy your drinks, they’re on me.

  6. FYI – This HDMI to Mini DisplayPort adapter is limited to 1920×1080 (“1080p”), I believe, based on speaking to the rep at the show. When used with a 27-inch iMac’s 2560×1440 display, the maximum displayed resolution is actual exactly half, at 1280×720 (“720p”). While this looked decent and is still considered “HD” (many HDTVs larger than 27-inch are 720p), you are not going to be displaying anything using this adapter at the 27-inch iMac’s full native resolution. That’s beyond the capability of the HDMI input and beyond any “HD” resolution.

  7. I don’t anything about this HDMI to MiniDisplayPort, but I do know that this was the most anemic, sad MacWorld Expo I’ve ever attended.
    I knew that it would be smaller with Apple gone – but wow, it was like death warmed over.

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