Ahead of iPad’s arrival, books soon to pass games in Apple’s App Store: 27,301 and counting

“Mobile app analytics firm Distimo emailed us a chart from the Netherlands that breaks down the 150,000-plus apps in Apple’s store by category. If you’re wondering how the total count leaped from 100,000 to 150,000 so fast, I can explain it in one word: books,” Paul Boutin reports for VentureBeat. “In advance of the iPad tablet computer’s arrival in six to eight weeks, publishers have placed 27 thousand titles in the iTunes App Store’s Books section already, with more on the way.”

“Distimo founder Vincent Hoogsteder says he spotted two more surprise trends in the store: First, the Books category has the largest share of paid applications with 92% of all apps being paid. Second, because of all the books, 75% of all applications are now paid,” Boutin reports. “Only 25% are free.”

Check out the breakdown of apps by category in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Note to Seattle animal control: That newborn calf wobbling down 2nd Avenue belongs to Jeffrey Bezos.

In related news, TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington is reporting that Amazon might now be thinking about giving away free Kindles to Amazon Prime subscribers (US$79/year).


  1. And Apple hasn’t said anything about iBooks on the iPhone/iPod touch, but I’d bet good money it won’t be available. Apple’s concerned about the reading experience, and the iPhone reading experience is…suboptimal.

  2. Zoinks! First Amazon puts most of the local, independent book stores out of business. Then Apple puts Amazon’s Kindle division out of business. Take that!

    At least iPad’s functionality will make it possible for books to be… else. Imagine “House of Leaves” enhanced with graphics, audio, video. Not a movie, not a book, something totally else.

  3. I wouldn’t mind if Amazon gave me a free Kindle with my Amazon prime account. The real question is, will they give me a new one each year? Can I upgrade to a DX for the price difference?

  4. @iMaki
    Perhaps not *everyone.* But a whole lot of people will get one. I like to think that those are the people who share some of the vision that Jobs and Apple have created and evolved.

    Then there are the others who aimlessly complain about an unreleased product – a product that embodies brilliance that will ever elude small minds with small agendas and small…well, you get it.

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