Marvel comics, graphic novels coming to Apple iPad?

Apple’s iPad “will rise or fall on content. If Steve Jobs can get a bunch of cool books and apps on the thing, we’ll want one. If not, we won’t,” Jon Fortt writes for Fortune.

“Where will His Steveness get some of those books? I say the same place he’s gotten so many movies and TV shows for iTunes in the past: Disney,” Fortt writes. Remember that “in 2006, when Disney bought Pixar for $7.4 billion, turning Jobs into the Mouse House’s largest individual shareholder.”

“But wait! You say. Disney isn’t exactly a major book publisher,” Fortt writes. “Oh, yes it is. Disney just bought Marvel, remember?”

Fortt writes, “By bringing comics and graphic novels to the iPad, Apple will not only attract a loyal geek fan base that loves the medium. It will also offer an experience that Amazon, Sony and others in the e-ink e-book crowd can’t even approximate: Immersive graphics, in full color.”

Full article here.

Vaneta Rogers reports for Newsarama, “With Apple’s announcement of their new iPad device, the comics industry is abuzz with the potential for digital comics.”

“Newsarama contacted artists, writers and executives at a variety of comic book publishers to find out their reaction to the news, and their thoughts on how it will affect comic books,” Rogers reports.

The extensive full article is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joel” for the heads up.]


  1. I just watched the 1988 movie “Big” over the weekend and noticed that this concept was actually invented by the writers of that movie.
    Tom Hanks presented it to the board of FAO Schwarts in the movie – an interactive comic book where you make the decisions about what happens next as the story progresses. Apple just finally invented the technology to make it a reality.

  2. Comic books? Sounds good, but I want the publications I read as a kid: Mad, Cracked, Sick, and Crazy. Yeah, for you youngsters, those were all real “kids magazines,” and, man, were they funny!

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